Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Metallic and unlisted I go on 
Under highway broken 
Cracked and unregistered 
You won't find me 
Amongst the heavens 
They try to catch me 
I'm a hundred leagues under the sea 
Where I started 

Under the smile of my friend the Cheshire Cat 
Madness fills my eyes 
Bad decisions fill the  emptiness of last night 
Washing yesterday's love off my heart 

It isn't working 
I'm strong 
Strong enough 
To lose 

When your not looking back 
At my notebook 
And this is my pen 
Writing you out 
As you wrote me out 

Wish it was that easy 
When you have no heart 
No heart 
They call it a disease 
I knew it well 
Until you walked into my world 
But I am strong enough 
I'm telling you 
I'm telling me 
I'm strong