Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Scars

There's a door
stained hinge
Pulling me close
How do I close this open window
to every finger print
that brought me too
this quicksand?
I pray in my car ,
no one sees me cry.
As I leave his straight jacket voice
does he hear my prayers.
I look in the mirror ,
I'm not where I once was.
I'm stronger
I'm weaker
Covered in strength and fear.
I fall asleep alone with my lullaby smiling back at me
Generations of mistakes
This door handle full of blood..
A wounded warrior who wouldn't quit.
But there is no one on the other side fighting to grab my finger tips...
She is screaming in the car..
The music plays loud..
How do I make scars laughter again?
How do I make the demons run away?
I pray for my Angels to protect them as they sleep the night away...
I slam the door..
I know God is here..
The radio says.. The lion roars...
Just tryin to erase the tears...
Rusted hinge..Is any one listening?
Do they understand?