Sunday, January 29, 2017


Paragraphs left un read
Fingers left naked and bruised
There's a story you read to me at bed time
Where the wind met the sun
Wasn't a cloud in sight
The fingers stitching sails
Peddling memory
And hearts -

Faith was the master
The captain
The rogue tore us apart

I set my sail now alone
With no answer
Black seas

I watch for the light
Forgiving through the darkness
Sending messages in a bottle
Teaching me to come home

I've hit every storm
I'm screaming
Lost in some open window

Do you see me
Do you hear me
In the song

Only I can hear
Playing out in the darkness

Paragraphs left un read
Alone here in this bed
Tell me how the story ends

Friday, January 27, 2017


light reflects oil canvas
She kisses the dead of winter

There seems tou be a keeper
Holding words in the palms of hands
As fingers break and houses thirst to be castles

Tell me , how do I find the secrets
Locked behind safes - on your wall .

I dress up in the dead of power
Finding only the coward
Losing his key in the blizzard

I run home -

Tiny boats sail across picture frames
No ones home tonight
She's invisible

I make every conversation into letters
As they disengage

I paint

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dear Alice

Alice isn't breathing
She's lost in a sleep
Down the path she goes
Every road fluttering eye lashes
She runs.

Alice is in a coma
She can't forget
Her heart beats out of her chest
Like a drum

He is lost amougst the roses
She says
As she lies there dead .

Some say it's a tragedy
Losing everything all at once
I thought he heard me
She said

She lays there
Her hero lost in a grave of unforgotten
The cemetery holds one

Alice can't move
Does he move with out Alice

Maybe the forgotten grave is the bed she lies in