Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The day is half decided 
Dreams run through like heroine 
I can't brush you off - 

It's the needle parted into 
Heart beats - 
Running defeated and half empty 

Tell me the secrets we hold in our hands 
Stretched faith and shot glasses 
Filled with nothing but moments 
As the miles go on like a nightmare 
I can't wake from - 

For every verse is yours 

Like heroine 
All that is mine . 

All I've become 
Is the day 
Half decided . 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sailors Plight

I'm not quite sure how he got the most important paddle 
I sit here palm on cheek laughing mildly 
To my self alone in my wooden boat 

Over thinking stale conversations , about 
The way you looked so much better on me 
as the sun touches the horizon I'm left a little fuzzy and a little broken 

And your left with that part of me somewhere ,with an extra paddle you see 
So tell me as I'm left mid sentence as its better for you and better for me - when we're left with broken pieces at the hull of the issue 
you were once my captain 

I'm left here softly laughing 

Some how discouraged 
Setting sail