Saturday, April 26, 2014

War Commander - Repost

Monday, September 13, 2010

War Commander

Static builds and I tend to this war ship
I roll my cigar Talk with the captain and she wags her tail
Pick up the radio
Are you there - listening
the storm gathers

He says your beautiful
I’m holding on
I’m the only passenger
He says in Morris code
I raise my hands Its just you and me
Ms. Captain Commander
We sail these seas together

The message is clear
the wind is cold
I smile against the arms of tomorrow

I hear it in the voice of reason
And I might not be a writer
But I am the best fighter
I watch the smoke clear the air

I break the sail
Man the tide
I cant turn back
It's now or never darling

Morris code- Captain
War ship is beginning to falter
Ignore the signs!

It's now or never!
I laugh

 Captain wags her tail
A smile breaks my back
As we move into first place
As we watched them walk away….

I might not be the best writer
But I am the best fighter
Static fades

 Message is loud and clear
The fog lifts
Its now or never!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sie sind meine ersten- you are my first

Tracing along the lines
has never been my intention

Hiding amongst mirrors
so I can not be found

finally you think you reach the bottom
it's your very own reflection

I smoke my cigar alone
another drowning
another chapter written.

The game of the Cheshire cat
where no one knows Alice

the glass has been broken
she can't find the words to write

twisted inside the maze she finds
that was once on the out side

some one has broken in .
The cat begins to lose faith

It's the great robbery I say
the greatest in history.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Diary

For lack of better terms I find myself in the grocery store hunting for a magazine . As I walk effortlessly through the isle I scold myself for becoming a society robot , or have I ? I'm walking the isle in my victoria secret sweats ( no they do not say pink on my derie'r) my hair is tied up in a pony tail , and I have no make up . It's Easter Sunday and I'm surrounded by woman out in their Sundays best and today I don't care .

So why am I here ? The magazine . Playboy that is . You see as a woman I need to compare to see why or how these perfect woman have what it takes to win the world . ( do I really believe that ?) no .
Today I am seeing a plastic surgeon to have fixed what another ruined years ago . So here is the magazine Dr. Can you , in inretrospect just get me close to this ?

I find the isle I'm looking for , the magazine rack and the dirty secret of woman listed on the pages and pages of perfection , I pick it up and go on my marry way . Sweats and all . Scolding my very own right of passage as I enter the check out line . Can't a man love a woman who isn't a play boy perfect girl ? Can a man love me ? Then I realize the war is not with the world or against other woman the war is simply with in myself .

So the lesson here is love your self . And anyone who does not love you for who you are , can go kiss your victoria secret wearing ass . End of story .

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Breaking

There is something to winding back watches
begging their forgiveness
a crowd stands before you
Do they know your name
the man of the hour

freedom - our religion
dividing and subtracting time
muted eyes- a circus- a crime

enjoying collisions
while some walk away

The audience always the same
the road speaks 

I walk silent in your jacket
Etched in letters and sand scripts
begging to know the secret

all along not knowing
the answer to my own messages

the only thing that is

dotted I and punctuations to metered rhyme
are finished by

Freedom is my name
Air is my love
you are my sky

if this finishes your sentences and phrases
I can be the audience with finished irises

with lost puzzle pieces that along the way make a picture
of roads that meet

in the middle where I know your name.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Repost - Rain Coat ( because it's a favorite of mine )

There’s a famous jacket who toured the world with buttons

What were those buttons?

Brass with those clasps

Hanging on your words in the morning light

Under your shadow

I try to remove with a new dawn
As it gets erased with your sunset eyes
Tell me as I remember you
With your raincoat
I fancy you in my glasses and lip gloss

As it pours down heaven

So maybe if time didn’t have a name
And a stamp
I could wear this dress a little longer

Instead I am here
With tasseled reminders
Of overdue library books
And unrequited looks

An Iris dilated in reform
In search for her soul

But we all know…
This letter will always be lost in the mail…

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heart Pocket

The radio static is loud
I can't judge the deadly
I can't drive 200 on a road that ends.

Unravel the tread on this old highway
I know nothing that is sane
I know all to well the game.

I get out of the car
I hear still the music playing.

Heart pounding
sweat pouring down my face
everything I once knew fades

The bullet
now racing through these veins.

What happens when you lose control.
What happens when you have an Ace.

Your standing at the edge of a lost road and your begging for more freeway.

I scream

All that I am is swimming

I walk in a room


No one knows

I'm lost at sea.

Fuck you

I am the hunter.

Now I am the prey.

Fuck you

I play the game of poker

You are the Ace

Fuck you

for winning.

You took my heart pocket

Stole the key away

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nothing Underneath

I write the storm letters
As laughter drops from black and broken clouds
A conscience is lost behind smoke.

I sit on benchmarks and sleep on silk bed post
cuffed and alone.

Heroes lost and long gone.

Music plays , I stand in a room crowded
and I am alone with you.

Yet you are not here
with me.

Tell me the secret
what do I do with half hearts and broken miles?

I’ve already traveled so far.
I am invisible.

An orphan lost in the snow.
Left alone with only a smile.

The one you gave to me.

My About - old post reposted

Carpe Diem.... Life Is A Stage .. What is your part.. Live without regret..Live loudly..Wish Big...Always accept an invitation.. Always follow your dreams.. Always love like you've never been hurt before.. Always hold onto your Aces..Dance like you drank a little too much..Never let any one tell you who you are.. Always be who you are.. Never let any one yell at you and tell you it's all your fault ... We are here to be loved not misused , abused , or taken for granted.. Never forget to Pray because God never forgets you... I love Italian Food and I love to live dangerously.. I love scary movies and I want to go back packing ... My dream is to see castles in England and to find my prince who can give his heart whole heartedly... I love to write poetry , The ocean is my sanity , I love to smile.. I love my friends they're always there to catch me when I fall .. or when I've been pushed around.. I love my son Austin he is my hero.. My light at the end of every tunnel.. God is my passion he leads me through every dark night.. and every scary battle.. And here I am now.. Loving you ... Loving life for all that it has to give me.. Good and bad.. tears and smiles.. Nights of loneliness and some full of love... Lets all do this ride together.... Here we go. No Regrets...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rogue wave

Rogue waves (also known as freak waves, monster waves, killer waves, extreme waves, and abnormal waves) are relatively large and spontaneous ocean surface waves that occur far out at sea, and are a threat even to large ships and ocean liners.

Rogue wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- rogue wave is also a savior to me -War-commander 

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Great Wish

The core breaks away
like puzzle pieces and frames
fragmented and frozen
I paste them perfectly on a wish

I scream inside a hallway
no one hears me

They tell me I am special
My eyes are bleeding
the mirror is faltering
pills empty

I win with out wars-
They're expired dates on an empty shelf

Traded and sold

Trying to sell my freedom
in return for chains.

The core,
breaks away.

There is everything in between

I fade to grey
I get everything I want

He has me this time
I'm losing

I'm ripping my soul.
I cant save her

she's half way in
and a thousand steps out from the drowning.

Pasted perfectly
the candles are lit

its not even my fucking birthday
I'm just trying to save the wish