Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Love Letters

Delicate glass finds its self under the feet 
Of my eyes , I can't see my reflection 
With out you in the horizon . 
I can't write words with out my hero as the subject or look to the sky with out the star - 

And I drive watching the moon 
Wondering if your ever looking back at me 
As the drive feels more and more alone 

It really doesn't matter if I say good bye 
Your written in every line of my life 
Under shattered leaves of fall
The loss and win to lyrics of these songs 

The only problem is 
I can't bring you home . 
Why can't my love be enough 
I'm just a silly girl
White cotton panties 
Warm sun 
My heart beats big for you 

Not the biggest band aid could do 
I just always knew 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Moments sit on finger tips 
Dancing on ideas that seem to fade 
In and out like you 
The frequency resonates 
The band plays - 

I fall asleep to the tune 
I write my own story 
I'm my own orchestrator 

I fall into your sea 
Lost and forgotten 

The Stars won't leave me 
The band plays louder 
Then fades into the distance 

What can I do 
What can I do now 

These moments sit on my fingertips 
Waiting for home