Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Feel my heart stop I lift my eyes 
I can't choose when to love 
Or who I am a part of - yellow card 

Deserted dreams 
Are like a dead army 
At war . 

Marching with empty guns 
There's a place I hide 
A grave where I still find us there 

Much alive 

I'm fighting at the edge of a storm 
Nothing is left but my heart 
With weapons down 

I'm screaming 
Can you hear me ? 
I'll fight here in this place 

Hearts cut into pieces 
I blow there ashes 
Falling sand through 
Your broken fingers 

There's a place I hide 
A grave where I still find us their 
Much alive 

I'm here in the rain 
Calling out 
Can you hear me ? 

Saturday, February 20, 2016


The quiet things that no one ever knows - The Brand New 

I started a revolution 
In your eyes , I traveled through the room 
In your arms I fell to my death 

I'm the spine holding the broken back 
I'm the Vengence 
Tearing away your clothes 

There's a whisper in the audience 
Can you hear my name 

I'm the rain
I'm your heart
Feel me beating 

Monday, February 15, 2016


Locks and a safe hanging behind
 favorite paintings
Over fireplaces where I sit and contemplate
Everything we can't remember
And the one thing we can .

I'll sit in your chair you see
Smoke your cigar
There is nothing like me
I'll get in your safe
Beyond the maze
With out you recognizing my face

But you will never mind I'm there
Your paintings a cold museum
Perfect ,

I'm a perfect mess .

I read your Braille the moment
We shook hands .

Now you walk the halls of my museum

I ask you

Do you need a cigarette

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


There's a terrible sadness in the air
Pick me up in your shelter
You told me it's cold inside

But I'm out here in the rain -

There's a fire
I course through your veins

Let her break your sky

The Stars cry
Save me like you did yesterday
Save me like I saved you

You say it's cold outside
But I'm out in the rain

Hear the wolves
Coming closer ?

I know you remember me
I have a fire
It runs through your veins

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Goal Post

I reposted from my Agent Orange blog . I want to redirect some of my poetry traffic to my other blog
It's meant to inspire and help reach goals .

Please go to my blog profile and you will find agent orange blog . Thank you .

Foo fighters - ever long is a great song , My friend Phil got me listening to it now it's my turn to get you to listen to it . And as it streams through my head phones I will write today's blog -

I started this blog a year and half ago . I wanted it to encourage others in hope and in love . Sometimes I read back and I encourage myself on the days I forget how strong I am . 

The one thing I always say to any one is keep your integrity and be you . When friends ask for advice I tell them the same. Sometimes in life we get hurt or others will hurt us . But as long as you can look in the mirror and say I have integrity and I'm being true to myself your doing ok . 

Secondly focus on the goals at hand . I have set goals I write them down and crush them . Maybe there are a few I got close that's ok too . You keep pushing keep making new goals . 

Sometimes the higher you get the more heat you get . People don't like to see others accomplishing anything . It doesn't matter how nice you are , or who you are , you can't please the masses . 

Keep your focus on the finish line . You can't win watching the side lines . 

Thirdly - to your friends and enemies give love . This is called character . I mean your going to win right ? All that matters is who's at the end cheering you on . 

It's rough I know . Don't lose your joy , sometimes I do , but I'm reminded God is there , friends are there , and look to some of the great people on your journey 

Never give up !! Follow the rules 

-agent orange 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Game Of Risks

" And you asked me to open up my walls to all of this , but I tried , with fingers broken ," - Scope Of All This Rebuilding

I pause in the storm
The silence is screaming
I break for you -

This is how the story goes

Written in between the lines of these pages

Yet all they want is between half past 11 and midnight

There's something to be said about a story unread

Maybe she's missing some pages ........

Some say there's love

I say there's fairy tales

I say fuck

Maybe I broke this type writer
Maybe I'm invisible

He writes at midnight
He says I'm beautiful
I say he's beautiful

What's your story

We both have our walls he says

Fingers bleeding
It's cold outside
I'll let you in

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Alice and the Cat

There's a rain coat rusted and red
I stare at it hiding in the corner
I watch the sun rising through small rain drops

I remember the way your smile changed my eyes
There's a song playing in the distance
I hear you humming from across the ocean

You whisper -
Alice I have not forgotten -

I contemplate the red jacket
As I toss back whisky and regrets
Make me big again
She says ,
To the cat -

Alice was always brave - he said .
But I could argue that .

So here she goes , the cold sets in
And you dare me to pick my sword up again

Because love lives even when love dies -

And that's what you always taught me -

Never giving up -

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I took a pill this morning
Slip away they say
Make me forget I tell myself
In a mirror -

I forget what love is
Until I see your picture
Then I forget why I'm dead

I cut my day around lost smiles
Take a pill in the pm

Smile fades in the day
The phone rings its him
My emails empty though

I remember you saved me first