Saturday, February 18, 2017


Alice seems fitting
As she feels misplaced
Amoungst the daisies and the fences
She looks at the window panes
Seems nothing is left

Alice tell me the story
About how mad this love is
That far beyond time
It still exist

There could be an answer
He's looking through my window
I saw him yesterday
Sitting down below

I beg him in
Without speaking

Tell the devil
I'm here , and his lines
Run under my fingertips

So Alice
I wait at the door
The moon is hanging
By half nails and consequence

Tell me about this love
The kind you find under petals
Like the lost rain that  lingers in
The morning

And I will tell you
I remember the leaving
And the very first day I met you

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I saw you there in the snow
It's been half past 12
For a while , and it's cold

Do you know how the blizzard

I heard this song about a dirt road
Saw a stranger in my dreams
You knew the Braille on the wall
You carry a copy in your wallet

I sit outside
I waited .

You left it on the ground
Didn't you
The key to every note
To the piano

You begged me to play
Now sits at this funeral today

It was .
As the numbers fall
Bear no meaning
No rest
Contemplated death

I see you in the snow
But did you know
What my blizzard was like
As I sit missing hands
Missing piano   And key

The cross road came
I took the path that left you behind

You sit
In winter


Sunday, February 5, 2017


I wait between grey pages nothing's the same
No ones really here , I'm alone in the eye of the winds
No one reaching back for her hand

I run across oceans searching
No hope no faith no glory
Dress torn ripped
Sword fallen
You ask , have you given up yet ?

My eyes are black
My chest empty
No heart left beating ......

I rise above the storm
But will you rise with me
As the waves are as high as the eye can see

I stand here alone
The answer is bleak , hollow , void
Black smudges this paper grey
As I write
Not this storm
Will take her away

What's Real

I'm listening to the song vengance . I feel like I have something important to share I hope I do not lose my train of thought . I hope I don't lose you in it .
We are made up of energy , an electrical current just like an outlet if you will and the plug . Once two people are connected there is an energy coursing through . You can't stop it . It's something you feel all the time . You need two parts for it to be whole . People wonder about their twin flame or soul mate I will tell you , anyone who is not flowing with your energy is not your twin or soul mate , there in it for some other reason . It's so simple . There's no questions . It just happens . They don't want it to stop . I see so many articles , how to get him to love me ? How to get him to call ? If your reading those then move on !! Energy is real . It's another persons music only you can hear .

Also if your chasing emotion your probably dealing with an emotionally unavailable person
Just move on . Never chase after an emotion .

It's not about dating or friendship - trust me -

Agent Orange

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Romantic poetry

Polaroid tells dark secret
Left on a corner of parchment on some napkin you drew my name on with yours circled in hearts
Long and lost forgotten
Left with stains of old lips and coffee from rainy days
Found on a floor -

You fell in love that night
Where were you that night

I'm a lost dream held by faith
I'm a ship wagering a mighty sea

Crumbling your paper between wrinkled fingers
This is where I begin again

My lips are heavy
Scars hidden under picture frames tired and bound by your song

As you sit in the diner
Writing us on useless pieces of paper