Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Rusted hurricanes settle on the floor
Whispering across rippled clouds
They color my eyes red

I'm haunted in this bed
Shadows on my skin
Stitched carefully , I breathe you in

Heart turns to smoke
Filling my empty room

Sun sets
Eyes turn black
She's bare , intentions left for her audition

I read the script
Handcuffed to eyes
That bring me in

Time nods her head
As I fall asleep again

Sunday, April 26, 2015


theres the broken yellow line
Expired eyes welcome ocean iris 
As he sifts through gains and over due losses 

She holds an ocean in a locket 
Placed around her neck 
It pounds - 

It's bent . 

Who can open it ? 

He holds her 
She begins to Run 
Forgive me friend 

As I open my door . 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Your country song

I have a heart full of fight
I can sing a country song
As I watch you in the sunrise

I run even faster at the hope
You are their at the end
Sometimes forever might not work out my way

Dosent make me love you less
Or hate the good byes

Never loved like I loved you
Never lived til I lived in you

You woke me up
Gave me life

I can sing a country song
Lost against the sunrise

It's all in how you saved the day
Keep saving me every day

Believe me when I say
I'll love you to the last dawn
As she shuts her eyes

When I say my last good bye
You will be there
I will run to the sun rise hoping
Til the end
Just a chance to see you again

You stole my soul / mate
Your all I'll ever want in the midst of hell
To the heaven above
You are my hero

This is my country song
I'll sing it to my dying day

So here it is
She wanders the streets at night
Haunted by good byes
Always running to the sunrise

Friday, April 10, 2015


I sleep with a ghost
Waiting upon the return of the dead
I'm there in your back pocket
As you walk the path so uncertain

Will you come back
My smile waits for you
My heart lies somewhere in the graffiti painted by your hands
There is nothing left

Will someone take your place ?
The empty seat you left
Do you feel me crashing
All around you
Feel me
When your gone

This castle is wrapped in caution tape
They see the sign
I sit on the steps

It's crazy I know
In the waiting
Waiting for the ghost

Who built every stone
Even if I wait alone
Until it all comes crashing down

No one Is to enter in
Just close your eyes
Feel me here
Where we once stood

Now evicted
Im left here singing this song
Watching the road

Til I'm dead

Til I rebuild this all again

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Trains pass like ghost
Stars mourn the day
Left in the arms of night

The climbing tracks are old
Looking for a home

Guided by a wilted balloon in a hurricane
Black marker etched names

Always coming
Numb to the goings .

There's only a paper trail left
Of the day we met
But yet our journey is never ending

Thursday, April 2, 2015


There's a contest in the fire
Walking ashes
I've starved long before you made it to my door
I'm strong in you
I'm someone's bones
I'm un breakable
I'm a shadow
Pressed beyond the piano
Made for more
Made me something beautiful

You were the sun set
And a night mare

No longer safe
As you left
This is my song
I write across a hundred miles
About a love that never dies
And heart locket friendships laced in gold
Held in dirty palms
Close to secrets
Codes in this song
No one could ever tell
Etched sacred between
I visit the grave
Where it says we lay
As the tears run down my past
I know 6 feet under were still holding hands


Iris melts on canvas
Painted pictures

If I told you how deep the loss
Would you believe me ?

A whole universe without her star
A compass missing her arrow

She walks the roads alone
Amoungst a hundred men
They grab her hand
Her hair tassled in the wind

She searches for him
In every single one

She looks at their hand