Tuesday, May 31, 2016

U turns

Exit door lights up 
Seems like it's revolving 
I'm sitting at the other end wondering 
How explanations turn into thoughts 
Into written words 
Into blank messages 

Faith has me here 
In every window 
Every song 
Losing you best is trying 
To find you again 
Letting go 
Holding on 
All over again 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I wrote you a letter today 
Like a coloring book 
Inside and outside the lines I drew 
I crushed the paper a hundred times 
I couldn't quite get the message through 

I knew in your silence 
What you were going through 

The crayons are laying on the floor 
Music streams at midnight 
Not sure where the time went 
But I knew 

I'm left here crumbling paper 
Can't say I'm surprised 
Tried to catch you before midnight 
Before you hid your final good bye 
Under the mat where keys go that wer'e meant to find . 

You know what I mean don't you ?
You knew I had it figured from the beginning 
Should've stayed 
I'm the finish line you see 

Now I'm here left with paper 
With endings and new beginnings 

Friday, May 20, 2016


I write best when I'm not thinking 
Heart guides me best as I'm driving 
Whatever she tells me is the truth 
It's always the truth between you and me 

My voice is all I have 
You will only know me if your listening 
I love deeply but love rarely 
Love never comes easy 
Success only comes when you believe in yourself 
Believing is integrity 
I have a handful of friends but boy 
Do they mean everything 
And to them I'm everything 

They hear me . 

I'm 38 tomorrow 
This past year I've learned to listen to people from the inside 
Things are not black and white 

We live once take nothing for granted 
Let no one take you for granted 

And never let go of love . 

Because true love comes back . 
And most of all make everything count and never do anything you may regret 

Cheers to another year 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Light Houses

Phones type out blank messages 
Neon lights fade into a sunset 
As I drive tonight 

Shadows pasted perfect to the music 
Never fading never staying 

The rocks seem more like empty waves 
I can't stand on a grave 

Sail the seas I say 
Anchors remind me of the light 
Broken on the hill - 

Searching for calm 
Finding only the storm 

I never wanted to be the hero 
Just didn't want to get lost amongst the waves 

The distance is fading faster 
As I read the news paper 

Bets are in 
All or nothing he said 
As I sail alone 
With ghost from home 

Friday, May 13, 2016


Contemplate finger prints 
Left on coffee tables 
I watch the crows spread there wings 
Leaving a winter behind 
I am the sunshine 

If you rinse the Braille I left on your heart 
Then friendships aren't made to last 

There's a foggy rainbow 
Telling you , your stories 

Sitting here alone 
With your brush strokes 
I can't remember what you said 
I'm just left with a picture 

Don't let it burn in my hands 
Contemplating finger prints 
Left on glass tables 

Afraid of the coming 
Afraid of the going 

I am the sun shine 
Left with this picture 
Left in your hands 

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Cast a shadow in the well 
Change falls from this pocket 
Wishes fall on empty stars 

Funerals line broken dreams 
With the courage to take a hand 
Sitting still - I'm gonna stand 

I hear you in the distance 
Voices lost on old pages 
Half written ,holding on to every letter 
That was never addressed . 

Lockets separate, 
Golden clasp 
I see you in the window 
Calling my name 

I can't reach you there 
You can't reach me  

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Leather panties crawl on the floor 
The devil smiles 
Red harmony typed out 
Calculated hunt , 

Guns drawn at the silver gate 
Betting is it heaven or hell 
Whisper my name 
As I scream 

Love dies in black rose lenses 
Reborn at midnight 
When we have fallen 

Take place 
At the starting line 
Return to my bed 
Can't imagine you out of my head 

Gun re loaded 
Tell me again 
I'm what you always needed 
Like a cigarette
Like a needle dripping heroine 

Thursday, May 5, 2016


I drive through empty tunnels 
Wind passes through broken spaces 
A hundred hands grab my fingers 

I turn the music up 
Sing the last song I can remember 
The review mirror stays the same 
Funny the way things change 

Funny the way they stay the same 
A hundred hands slipping through 
None holding me 

The miles begin to look the same 
On this drive tonight 

If the Braille was written on your wall 
Could you read it 

And I pass through a crowded room 
Looking for you 
Do you see me 
Fingers touching 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Telegraphs written gone unread 
A Lonley love song lost in smoke 
A conversation between two now one 
Tell me how does the story end 
You said you figured it best 

I figured I'd wait a little longer 
Little girls always have dreams of castles 
And you were the hero 
If I say good bye today 
If I put a stamp on this letter 

Would I fold your cape and put it away for later 
I sit now in our sunset 
Folding envelope 
Tired of all the nights alone 
Maybe love never dies 

But I can't fight alone . 
So I walk down the path 
The numbers on the house they fall 
One by one 
Eyes black - tears fall 
But you figured it best 
As I drop this letter in the mail 

I'm guessing 
There will be 
No answer 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sure Things

I can't do it 
I draw words out 
Like spilled paint 
That never dries 
It is you standing there at the edge of every breath I take 
I fight every moment 
But you are there - 
Knocking on every door - 

I look to the sky 
On every night drive 
The Stars guide me home 
Tell me not to forget in faith tonight 
I feel you at home inside my eyes 

Sitting looking out 
I know you want what's best for me 
But you were what made me best 
You see 

Concrete Footprints

Spine falls flat into open wounds 
I call out into the darkness 
Nothing speaking back to me 

Converse untied 
Cold winds and a lost regret 
I can't think of anything else 

I saw you last night 
In a dream 
I saw you in the song I heard on the radio 

Life is fleeting into faded heart beats 
Riding this dream alone 
You tell me to let you go