Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Rust compiles into pages
Empty glasses write when I no longer can.

Alice grows.
Can no longer chase the rabbit, nor feel the cold wind blow.

Crawling fingerprints break , glass scrapes
I have made it around the bend.

A new story , I have found beyond the stack of cards
The cat sits in his tree .
His grin abounding

They thought I would drowned.
Upside down hallways
Braille letters left in stone.

Wax museums of hearts
Where mine has not been left.

The clock spins forward and back.. forward and back...

Shake hands with the devil, Thanks him for the glass of wine
and say good night.

I escape this time...

The coffin is open, The treasures are far beneath the ocean
The war commander sets sail....

Jesus in one hand , her cigar in the other....