Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wishing wells

There's a toll he said - 
She asked him how much - 

He said it cost nothin 
I said nothins free darling 

He said my love 
I won't leave 

I sat at the gate 
Dropped my coins in the well 

Took your hand 

Watched him - 

Walk away . 

Monday, June 29, 2015


There's a window 
Where your fingers stained clear glass 

There's me 
Watching the reflection of the future 
I can't see - 

Prints staring at me 
I can't see past them 

I see you 
Watching me 

Inbox blinks empty 
My eyes a blank screen 

Every song on the radio
Is a conversation between you 
Me . 

I can't bring it back 
As the sun sets 

I can scream 
But are you listening ? 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


You have stolen my heart 

Sitting beneath the sunset 
Counting shapes in the skie 
Searching for the silver lining 
Of living and learning - 

I fall asleep on an empty pillow
Waiting for what the world has for me 
I'm fine 

You have stolen my heart -

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bonnie and Clyde

It's a chase amongst words 
Half wisdoms - and could haves 
Hope weighs heavy on my shoulders 

It's Bonnie - it's Clyde 

I ride in the sunset 
My face in your hands 
I can't convince you - no 
I just wanted to be your home 

Saturday, June 20, 2015


I sit here with a bag of hearts 
Blaming myself -  there's no place like home 

I wasn't prepared to hold hands 
With fingers broken 

Healing in the snow 
Hold me one last time 
As I feel you breathing 

Brick buildings falling away

I sit here 
Head turned to the door 
I can't spell regret 
But this good bye spells your name 

I look away 
I can't change today 
Heart beats to yesterday 

There's no place like home 
Rebuilding is never easy 

I wasn't prepared to hold hands 
With broken fingers 

But what  you couldn't see was my feet 
Safely planted on the ground 

Here to carry 

Now she walks alone 
Bag of hearts broken 

There's more to this 
More to never leaving 

Thursday, June 18, 2015


There's the devil 
Sitting in his bed side manner ..... 

His grin catches the room 
Everything falls like sand slipping 
From an hour glasses throat - 

I turn to him 
He grins - 

We meet again - 
Tell me about the war 
As he tries to hold my hand 

I move past the shadow 
Into the light 

My blood violet 
Iris is an ocean 

I laugh 

As I continue on my path . 

Monday, June 15, 2015


Across a broken sky 
Masked in umbrellas 

Lost in a maze - 
Pictures hang on walls 
Losing there gaze 

I search for windows 
It's raining ...... 

Find me here 
In this place 
Where trains they come 

Where no one can hear me 
Run your fingers across my Braille 

I will watch behind your eyes 
As you keep my heart beating 

Suddenly I can't breathe 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

No Good byes- tribute to gage seal who was killed at 15 years old

There's a hole  in the clouds 
Where you picked up my last smile 
Took it to heaven 

Did God realize you forgot 
We need you here 
Does he understand 

That every good night and good morning 
Has been lost in memory 

I can't forget it was yesterday 
When you hugged me 

Laughter catches fire and youre the wind 
Setting happiness to the world 
To the words wer'e left here to remember 

We pray - 

As you watch from above 
Nothing's the same 

The world cries 
Today it's raining .....

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I collect finger prints 
Like old news papers 
From my hands 
Left un touched 
Un washed - 

Shaken . 

If I turn away 
Will you find the smile 
Lost in the ocean
Separating you 

I whisper your name 
In a summer rain 
No one sees me there alone 

Dreaming - 

I wrap his jacket around me 
I watch you laughing 
But it's in my sleep 

As I sit here collecting 
Finger prints 
From hands 
Like old news papers 

Shaken - 

Left here alone 

What Is Love

We fit in a box 
No unfinished sentence 
Or period 

No smeared or blank conversation 
We speak with out talking 
We hear with out having to listen 

There's something to be said about magic 
The way it's unfolded 
Two magnets from two ends of the earth 
Collide in one room 
Under a million circumstances 
To only be reminded that they just get it 
As one world becomes two 
Never really becoming one again 

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Tracing circles around tired eyes
Watching an empty sky
I break away

Theirs a filthy canvas I paint
Can you see me hide
the music plays against the stars
as they rust from magnet skies.

Take my hand let me kiss you
even if its pretending
Ill jump from your bridge
Into everything you want to erase

Feel my finger prints
leaving scars -

Call me Eros
as arrows hail from walking dead

theirs nothing I can do
The needle was half way in when you were found ~

I am an addict just like you ......

I lie here counting stars
from with in

as I sit on your blankets
Its cold
a holocaust
sitting in your coffin
As it beats

Tracing circles
Letting me kiss you
Even if its just pretend.

Monday, June 1, 2015


God gave us graces 
With mercy on her back 
I can't seem to find the road 
That leads back 

There's a mask on the sky tonight 
Hiding her secrets 
As I jot them down 

If I can see you 
Who then sees me 
As I remain in a hollow hand 

Do you understand ? 

Close your eyes 
That's where you will find me 
In the words she never said 

It's a complicated matter 
I'm sure 
As I kiss you good night 
As I find my way home 

I kiss the hearts of sailors 
Of slaves 
Of warriors 

I remain invisible 
As I rest my head 
Will you find me 
In all she left you with