Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brass knuckles

I'm white knuckling on the edge 
Of an atmosphere 
Time races by 
I hardly notice 
I swallow my tears in a room 

Full of Jekyll and hydes 

No thought here 
Blinking and talking 
In pattern like hand stitched 
To hell and fire 

I wake up with you 
I sleep with you 
I fight not to fall from this mountain 
I see what lies ahead 
I keep going -to live 
But I feel nothing with out you 

I turn pages and pages 
And write word after word 
I can't escape 
Searching for freedom 
At the same time 
I don't 

With everything I have 
At the edge of this mountain 
Hanging by a thread 

An atmosphere trying to breathe 
With you 
Gone . 

Watching for the wish 
Of falling stars . 
That you will find this hand reaching 
As I sit on the ledge 
Find me here 
Save me