Wednesday, March 29, 2017


What is it to love a girl
Dressed in candy compromise
Holding my dress up
Can they see my face
Amoungst the crowd
Invisible  to him left like a broken
Child .

They said Anastasia was really a princess
As I look for the trains tracks
If I could get lost
I would get lost in you -

If I showed you my pages
Would you read them
Like your favorite ice cream
Sticky hands

Washes her away
What is it to love a girl
If I presented my funny shaped lips
If gave you paper cut heart

Lived life never knowing
What it's like
To be loved
By you

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Crossing Fingers

I'm chalkboard half erased on this wall
It's me or them
It's you or this game of
Hopscotch and I'm never the win

Cross my fingers
Watch the ocean dress in the morning
I send you a note
Will you check maybe .

Is this the question
As I leave these sentences
One kiss under this tree
Carved out letters for you and me

My converse are always untied
My words are a mess
My lips puffy and red .

Here is my hand .

I'm not quick sand
I watch the fate undress in the evening
Will you kiss me good night

And I'll pass you a note
Say good bye

Half erased chalk
On your drive way
Unread letters , take my hand

It's all I ever heard
It's all I ever wanted

It's midnight now
I'm alone in my bed

Singing you this song
As you sit in your room
Can you hear it

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Alice places her key behind the painting
Her fingers are torn
A split iris falls like rain as he passes through thoughts
Like a door way , haunted
Lost in a nightmare
Her heart beats in locket
Half to you
Half to me

Fate puts her dress on
I am the funeral now
Winter sets in .

You can't save her
She's invisible
The rain is falling
They walk by

The clock her hands are dirty
I see you
In my reflection
I see you in this song

A composer with nothing left
An empty audience

Dear Alice
Can you find your way back
Will he be waiting at the bottom ?

Sunday, March 12, 2017


You sit under my pillow
Kiss me good night
Smeared on your memory
Erased by the morning .

Tell me where do I linger
On your lips in the evening
I'm the tomorrow
I'm yesterday .

More than white panties
More than warm embrace

I'm the wolf in the corner
I'm the girl in the shadow
I'm the heart in your fingers

Listen to the music as it plays ....
I'm the black widow
I'm the angel

Love me
Leave me
Either way

I'm not a game

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tell u ride

It's cold outside 
But warm inside your inbox 
Where one last message beats 
To the sound of the song playing 
On the winter air 

Maybe just maybe 
You won't find your pencil or your pen 
But the message still stands 

 Initials carved in old trees
Held together by its roots
And the courage
To hold on to dreams 

Maybe At All

Maybe if I was there where you were
You would've seen that I could've been the star in a dark sky
There's an ambition in the way light enters a dark room
And a fear of figuring out what went wrong
So the chills that run down your spine are better spent in your room alone
I'm better in the sky
Where I'm warm
Tell me friend , how did I fall from your ceiling broken and white
The one you draw dreams from
I wanted to be part of the clouds
That hang on your ceiling fan

But the story goes and goes again
As the chill runs down your spine
You would rather feel alone in your bed ....

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Twin Flames

If I could tell the story I have 
Locked up in my safe 
Behind the painting over my fireplace 
I'd sit you down 
Eye to eye - tell you how I felt him 
From the inside the moment I layed my eyes on him 
I couldn't explain in it in detail 
All I could tell you is I knew him 
With out ever speaking a word 
With out ever saying our first hello

I fell in his soul / sounds crazy I know 
But there I stood as time as we knew it 
Stood still 
I knew in an instant he was mine forever 
I just had to have faith 
Because faith herself told me / his soul was telling me so 
And they begun a conversation from across a room 

I could barely sit still I didn't even know your name I knew I loved you / more than I ever loved before - 

That's the feeling I had the day I met him