Friday, May 30, 2014


Her beauty in spades 
A princess hiding in a train 
Heading south 
So many tears she hides 
Behind framed glasses 
And lost secrets

The sky has a canvas I paint her 
With my eyes 

If I hope hard enough 
Can you feel her heart pounding ?
In your chest ? 

She returns home 
Pondering the next station 
I can't sit still 
I'll lose direction 
All these hallways lead 

I escape on this train 
As I write 
I listen to tori play her song 
I go about my day 
With demons and dragons 
Playing some silly symphony about 
Never being loved as a child 

They will walk my way 
But I don't see them 
They are the shadow 
I am the light 

No one can see a shadow any way 

50 years -For You

I feel you watching me 
As I lay here I feel safe still in your arms 
This is the silent war I'm waging 
You put the same uniform on 
And fight on too 

I can't help but wait 
But it won't be forever ...

There's something about the day 
And stale conversation that makes me 
Know exactly what it was all for 

I try to explain it 
When they don't understand it 
I know 
It's right 

I travel in crowds 
With out you I'm alone 
I lost my best friend 

If I wrote a love poem 
It would be about losing that 
My soul is the needle to your 
Unstitched thread 

If you never come back 
I'll manage 
But not whole as I once stood

you carry the best parts of me 
Where ever you are 
Where Ever you stand 

I was lucky just to know you 
Just to sit with you 

And you can read years and years back of everything I ever wrote 
That I never felt like this 

So you know it's real 
This might not be the most beautiful letter 
But it's the most true 
And it will be in 50 years .

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear diary

This is my last message to you .

I love you 

Please come back . 

You gave me a reason 

I'm lost with out you 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Excused - repost of mine an old favorite

I shutter in leather eyes lashes

Cuff me to black veins

Fool me into your prison

Cut me in your dungeon

I am the spy

Love me

In heart shaped locket

Keep me in your magazine article

Between news lines and spread

I am muted space

Between cherry red lipstick stains

Drawn in stitched panties

Made of lace.

Reach for me

Beyond wire rimmed lens

Dense imperfection

Music and conversation fades

I am beyond the crowds

In Contempt

Handcuffed to buttons

The way my smile creases your heart.

As I fade back into the distance

You smell me on your fingers.


I see you in a crowded room 
I toss my cigar 
Walk towards you 
You watch me 
Black garter dripping intention 
Fucking you with regret 
Loving every minute 
You grab me 
I make my escape 
The car awaits in the dark night 
We go for a ride 
You tell me something about lines spread 
Fingers pressed against my lips 
The road wet . 

The night hides our secrets 
I beg you 
I say

The road draws darker
I'm begging for more miles tonight 
Heart pounds 
I woke up this morning 
You were no where in sight  


My hands come up empty 
I'm searching every corner 
You whisper 
I can't hear you at all 

There's a hundred walls 
And a hundred reasons 
Rusted nails bruise time 
Inhabit dreams 
That we're there 

I am irritated 
I drink pills for water 
h20 eyes 
Form my words as I write 
As numb as I can breathe 
You aren't here tonight 

Are you listening ? 

I suppose you aren't 
Because there is no answer
I search for you 
In the hollows of empty cold dreams 
Once warm and inviting 

Now I'm left here 

Monday, May 26, 2014

My letter

Almost wrote you yesterday 
Music playing 
Tears streaming 

And then they said 
Move on ....

I read your letter today 
It reads like the winter cold and effortless

I lose my breath one last time 
I know their right 

I just know these words aren't right 
Maybe this is my letter 

And I'm angry 
I'm moving on 
I just know inside I shouldn't 
But  I am 
Your not here to prove me wrong 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Red Baron becomes a lost shadow 
Amongst the angry sky 
Compass falls apart 
The radio is quiet ....
Small medal pieces left of home the last proof you were ever here 

No matter where I go I hear you 
Bringing her tears 

I sing a lullabie to sleep 
To keep you safe in my dreams 
10-4 and out 
Copy the heart left to the ground 
I pray you return 

Red Baron - stole my cape 
I'd give it all up 
To set the sky on fire again 

If you hear me 
From miles and miles of broken sky 
Everything I have is yours 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy birthday to me

4 am 

Today is my birthday . What can I say . There are no major reflections I suppose like other years . I suppose that is a good thing . My goal is to just simply accomplish my goals this year . 

Sure I had a bench mark so far . Maybe not one I hoped for . But you can't take what's out of your control . I believe in fate and faith . I'm sure time hAs my name in her notebook and it will be my turn next. . 

Until then this year is about pushing forward and keeping my chin up . Always be who I am . 

True to myself , I've learned thAt in that there can be no regret . 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Inbox blinks 
Check close repeat 


Sigh cold night 

When you believe 
It's erased like control alt delete 

I'm drowning 
Cry where no one can see me 

Left with a canvas full of paint 
Where once lied grey 
There is a sein in my promise 
Now it's a scene with caution tape 

I drive alone 
Wondering where it is you go 

Somewhere lost behind me 

I'm left searching 

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Bruises line heart and beats
Like music that silently plays 
Because you are no longer listening 

I hate the cloudy days 
Nothing is the same 
The winter wears her coat 
As a spirit dies the night cries 
There's no mistake where I hide 

I am less a man with out her reason 
I am less the man with out her purpose 
Anchor cast ashore 

Tears make the tides 
As I watch you in the distance fade 
I lie and say I'm alright 

She walks the beach 
No hope no regret 
I would give anything 
To look into your eyes again 
I'm in a shallow grave 
You haunt every move I make 

And I

Can. No longer fight 
If you could only hear me tonight 

You changed my life 
If I could fight I would until I die 

Just to look into those eyes 

But you walked out of my life
I'm alone with the tide 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Way Back Home

2 am.

I can't sleep , where do I go . I keep writing and deleting lines that are as broken as I .Tell me where home is ? When you find it and lose it . I'm homeless . I'm not sorry I take risk I'm just sorry in the losing . Finding your smile and losing it requires me to go to sleep for a while Back to where I started

What can a writer say about losing heart . I find myself in a momentary shadow . That is desperately missing her light

Friday, May 9, 2014

What it is to be hidden

The piano plays her keys silent

in a room full of cold breathing dragons
I speak dutch , and my silent laughter fills the room

she says," Can you hear me ? "

I write in Braille on the walls fingers bleed
and they wear it all over their hearts .

As they smile at me. But they can't hear a word I say .
And My purpose is completed today.

I build bricks and buildings  for a living and there aint nothing beautiful about that.

If you can find the maze this little girl hides in I will  tell you

she wears pink lipstick and if it makes sense she will hold you

But don't try to get  in to those panties ........

There is a winter under the warm sun.

Under my coat is the black and white letter

And a red heart some where in the mail
I sent it off to the Dream King

But I'm not sure if he will sign for it

So I sit here and write instead.

I am sitting in this room
I am beginning to look like them
But what they don't know is I am Anastasia instead.

Not A Win or A gain - D&D

The devil is hunting me
Phantom of the opera watching me
In the darkness alone and understated

I sit in the audience
No one watching .

But you.

Will you re write this story
A beautiful chapter written so eloquently
of the tide that is rising?

I am drowning and out to sea

You see ?
The nail in the coffin fallen and I am about to be free

So tell me your story
The devil with angel wings
Play your song for me.
I know your listening

Dance with me.
I need the answers of all I cannot solve
Of the alleys I am homeless in
Of these lines Im lost in
Of a love I found
That will not take my hand

I am here alone

Tell me
How to win

The Devil in the Darkness
How do Angels Win.  

Ash and Ember -Written By Michael Fink

Ash and Ember

May 8, 2014 at 4:30pm
Gravitating to a bed unmade
By my very existence, to a second state
Of consciousness, a life of unearned penance
Of undeserved resentment, but I'll turn that hatred
To ashes, burn what remains of my regrets
And live amongst the embers
Who rise against the stars that birthed them
Claim the wind that carries them
As a lover, who brings them full circle
With a touch of her lips
Til even death looks on with envy
And pities the cold in his own hands
I live, against all odds and
Despite the consequence
I give openly of my breath, I'll lead you to the end
With a smile on your lips
Where a quiet soul keeps the body whole
I'll have you screaming out each sentence
Begging to be taken apart again
Til you can see your heart again
Beating fiercely in my hands
Let's dance, I've brought the apocalypse just for this
And you to witness
You to give in
To every moment spent
In this bed, to leave unsaid
All but passion, whose echoes will be heard
Across oceans, among the hopeless
And the already dead
A lover to bring the world through
To morning, only to hear you whisper
Under your breath
I am waiting out these hours
Til night dares come

-Michael Fink

I feel like Michael poetry lately is is stating my own personal life just written differently Michael ?????

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Behind The Counter

Scratching at guard gates
building shelves the ones we been placed on
Theirs a  look your soul gives when it's been condemned

And you staring  at the world with a glare
taking mis- steps to find your way home

Small town forgives empty glasses
but how do we find the glory
I predict your fate

I'm telling you to stand in the window
of the cold cell you sit in
As you watch the world pass you by

Your left with a drink and your sitting on the bench
A slave to regret

A hollow grave,

Stuck upon the shelf.

I sit in front of an audience
I am screaming
The world has begun and ended a hundred times over again

Take your lovers hand
I will show you

How deleted lines carry over
like over due library books
I will file them away.

Scratching at the guard gates
Bleeding to the core

There is a glory
Arms open wide

Stuck upon the shelf
Waiting to be saved.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Lover's View -written by Michael Fink ( I wish I wrote this ) Sometimes people write our words so much better. That is why we are writers ...

A Lover's View

May 4, 2014 at 10:06am
The stars are all dead, she said
The light you see is too late for them
We've nothing to save us left
And I begged her gaze upon the black
Which blankets a space more vast, and said
There are countless stars among those depths
Whose light hasn't reached us yet
There is no time for love, she cried
There are too few moments in life
And we've none free to set aside
And I asked her to lie in my bed
Where our burdens might be shed, and said
We might be short-lived, and yet
Tonight, we are only short of breath
One must not fear death or life
One must not recoil from the light
For all that we have endured in our time
We have ensured that we will ever shine

And when someone else gazes upon that same night sky
Let us love so bright, that if they fear the stars have died
They will know, those two still glow, whose love approaches the divine
Should you fear we have no time, I assure you we have all our lives
And the eternity by which they will remember our light
As lovers who knew only one truth in life
That the strength of the soul will conquer the coldest of nights
That we are home when we find ourselves in a lover's eyes.

The stars are all dead, she said
And smiled knowing, we need not their light.

Wriiten - Michael Fink 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I find the shooting star slipping like loose sand between finger prints
smudged on a lost heart that no longer belongs to me.

I see the evidence of you in everything I'm erasing
My drive is slow today
Music streams down my face

I change the station
and manage to find you more not less.

They say strength comes from death.
But you brought me back to life again.

So tell me how do I re write a story I never wrote
or re wrote before.

If I was to send this letter
I am afraid it would be left un answered

I am left here affected
and none the less
with out regret

You can have the stamp
and envelope
of a letter

a love finally found

at the cost
of being un buried
and if you can hear me
screaming from six feet underneath

The sail folds and she breaths
open your palm
do you see?

behind your eyes
she bleeds
behind your heart
she beats

You know they say
Strength comes from death
but you,
brought me back to life again.