Thursday, August 28, 2014

Half Past Midnight

The record plays over and over 
Same song same good byes , 
The story should've never been 

Written that way - 

I sit with the endings , the fabric of torn sheets 
Fingerprints smudged as they walk out 

There's a pillow I lie on 
Where my dreams are asleep 

It's not what I had written 
It blows away in an empty wind 

I run fast to replace it 
Nothing seems as real 

There's always the consequence 
To risking the last kiss , captured in every poem that followed to the moment 

I'm lead to believe there is an untold story 
Of chasing dreams 

If he asked , " I found my self breathing in your breath , the marrow of the heart that pounded in her chest , grasping for his soul to come clean , " 

As he 

I'm left with the story 
Of an empty midnight street 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The path is broken limbs on winter roses 
Sullen , black and have record of coursing vains that imprint 
Foot steps in callused snow 

She grieves the dawn , so she loses sleep 
Knowing it's another day your gone 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Gravity bends measuring the mirror 
There's a void an we run to the light 
Moths flickering about thier journey 

Stuck in the framed glass window 
Comfortable  by it's warmth 
Yet that is where they die 

There's an open door
I walk out of 
I breathe the air 
I'm alive 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walking The Line

Cash hands out a line about hurt 
An you know what I mean as the weeks trail on , 
Words crumble on paper as I type 
I can't find them , the lamp shade grows dim 
My mask hides a lions den 
I'm pacing waiting for the slaughter  

Only that it's dead winter , we know our fate 

I picture the dawn warm 
Every morning 

As this month closes 
Another book 
Another poem

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I run this race and see you beside me 
Every breath I lose 
You whisper a winning secret 
No one can see you but me 

I'm digging deeper 
The finish line is far 
I'm alone 
But yet you are with me 

Tears stream down my face 
And you tell me don't give up 

I barely made it today 
As I finish at the line 
Your eyes 
Your smile disapate
We will try again tomorrow 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


There's a glory in faith when she looks upon you and smiles 
An all the hope we hide behind tired eyes 
Is alive and we are awakened by all that we ever dreamed of 

Risk wins battles as you sit in my shadows , I'm winning because of your purpose , if you could only see me now 

There's a moment when I'm still 
I realize your ghost is leading me into war 
It's all I've got left to hold on to 
My heart cracks more , I'm left heavy 
Standing in the crowds , with out you 
Alone . 

Faith raises her hands and tilts her head 
I told her I didn't believe her , 
As I now lie here alone . 

But what they don't understand that in this , I know that it's real . 

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I trail beyond the surface 
Glitter falls in some fashion of funeral rain 
I begin to laugh like I'm insane 
Reality sets in , 
Of all that is and I scratch it with a needle and heroine switches up that conversation we had to sometime last May when you thought I was something , 

I can't take away your numbness 
It's something you have to wake up from. 
You can't use me for your excuses 
Your judgement is clouded , my shot has one blood IV injection straight to the heart 

Your dilated eyes see my intention 
Your running 
I'm guessing your not coming home tonight 

There's only so many bruises I can take 
I just wanted your bed to lie in 
A place to call home 

You wouldn't believe it if I painted it on your walls 
Would you ? 
It's you who should be doing the convincing . 

I'm not the martyr . 
I gave it my all . 

I wear your name on my heart framed lense 
You let me go like a watches hand 
Turning with out forgiveness 

You walk past . 
I wear my dress for you 
Do you notice ? 

But you walk on by 
Shaking hands with fear and pride 
Like everything's all right 

And then you leave with out even saying 
Good night 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ladders

There's a cold road we travel 
Unhanded with brave smiles 
Wearing our proud hearts 
Wondering why we get thrown the stripes 
To breathe in their pain and let out a sigh 

Training to be a champion 
Missing it by the mile and I'm reminded 
As I lose sleep that no one is at her finish line 

Blood fills her eyes she grips the ropes 
Tells herself she can finish alone 

I handed out paper hearts 
Scissors and rocks in return 

I can do this I sing to myself 
I can finish this 
As they leave my side 

With every mile built in stone 
Every boy lost in sand 
I build a castle 
Watch the tide pass me by 
Haunted by ghost 

Of every good bye 

The winter won't forgive 
I wear a half cocked smile 
She knows I'll win the race 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


There's a oneness about the atmosphere 
In a moment lost in your picture 
Removed from words that separate hands from I love you to good byes 

Lingering to the lost moment in between 
Tracing every step wondering how I could 
Get it back to change her back 

To ask her for the chance to live again 
For only a moment on your breath 
To ask your eyes the question 
If you had one last moment 
Would you give me one more minute 
Before you turned your head 
Did you even look back 
Did you ask yourself the question 

As I sat in bed wondering 

my heart layed on the floor beating 
As you walked down the hall bleeding 

Could you tell me ? 

Or was it easy 

I lay here now 
Not wounded 
Not in need of a simple needle and thread 

 But shattered and un mended 
As sure as I know you will not read this 
For if you could 
Surly you would answer 

Walk down back through the hall 
As I lay still in this bed broken 

As I'm left with your picture 
You need to finish the story 
Of a long lost love 

Who remains 

I just need one more minute 

To convince you to never 
Leave again 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Words compile by time 
Read in order as you lay on my pillow 
I hear your voice 
Laughter echos the room , it's warm in your embrace I am safe 

The world rebuilds as you hold my grey 
Your eyes the ocean I longed to live in as a child 
I slept there at night 

I'm drawing your smile as it erases the lull of the day

As my inbox ends I'm reminded 
You are gone . 

Filing letters away one by one 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear Diary

Today was a rough day . I can't put my finger on the moment it all came crashing down for me . 

Maybe it was explaining how my Friday night blind date was a disaster to our receptionist , because my heart belonged to someone else. . 

Maybe it was the fact I work with some not so nice people , and he wasn't there today to cheer me on . 

Maybe it was that song , the way I remembered the way he made my day smile 

Maybe it was the drive with my tears streaming because he is gone 


Just maybe it's how it went down 

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Empty glasses , warm fingerprints still left 
To carry home the hand broken holding 
Her heart that was given back 

Contemplated against the walls of time 
Faith's watch stopped ticking 
Head dropping 

I warm my face in this winter 
Begging her for one last moment in his eyes 
Fingerprints begin to dry 
They run clouded from sorrows eyes 

The grave I carry with me now 
I can't resesitate . I walk along side me now of the person I used to be . 

The other gone , you carry her in your arms . 

There's a chapter I can't write 
A missing child , a missing light 

I sit at this table 
Faith pretends she can't hear my sorrow 
As I warm my breath on the glass 
To feel your hands again 

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Rogues the kind that destroy the ship 
The kind that come out of no where 
In a cold night 

Destroying every wall 
Making it's way down every hall 
Drowning you and everything inside 

It's consuming 
How the night  and the water 
Sing my funeral 
I couldn't hide 
I knew it this time
I stood on the deck and let it take me 

I was bare 
The mass I built for years 
So strong and steady went down first 
Hand stitched the photographed memory 

The water was warm 
As I fell under neath 
Feeling all that was buried within 

The rogue was my seine
Dying to him 
To never live again the same