Monday, June 30, 2014


Quiet the storm 
Lost in the oceans thunder 
Tossed like a small boat 
Lost my anchor 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


I think the only lesson in life we have to remember is we just have to keep pushing on ... 

And the people worth loving will be there , the ones who aren't won't . 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where you left her

Divided amongst one 
Story of holding hands 
Just my heart 
Kneel beside me 
And Come home . 

Your letter , was like a stranger left 
With a blank stare .

And I don't want to write any more . 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Great Divide

There's a sacrifice for being brave 
For wearing that face 
Swallowing tears in a room full of strangers 

Everyone pulling at you 
No one 
No one 
Seeing you 

There's a gaurd at the gate 
Where your heart holds a vice 
And he knows your name 

There's nothing else that matters 
You look away 

There's a million things you wish you could say to change his mind 
But you know you can't 
So you stay silent and brave 

50 years

I feel you watching me 
As I lay here I feel safe still in your arms 
This is the silent war I'm waging 
You put the same uniform on 
And fight on too 

I can't help but wait 
But it won't be forever ...

There's something about the day 
And stale conversation that makes me 
Know exactly what it was all for 

I try to explain it 
When they don't understand it 
I know 
It's right 

I travel in crowds 
With out you I'm alone 
I lost my best friend 

If I wrote a love poem 
It would be about losing that 
My soul is the needle to your 
Unstitched thread 

If you never come back 
I'll manage 
But not whole as I once stood

you carry the best parts of me 
Where ever you are 
Where Ever you stand 

I was lucky just to know you 
Just to sit with you 

And you can read years and years back of everything I ever wrote 
That I never felt like this 

So you know it's real 
This might not be the most beautiful letter 
But it's the most true 
And it will be in 50 years .

Monday, June 23, 2014

2 D

Video reel plays 
Enough to translate a smile 
From your face 
Crowds walk by 

I notice the tone 
Of a lost voice fading 
From a computer screen 

30 days 

Weighs heavy 

Life in. 2 D 


Sunday, June 22, 2014


Tap type search 

Nothing tells me 
No answer 
I type feverishly 

Sit in this chair 

Russian roulette sounds nice 
A bottle of pills 
Reality sets in 
Google can't find my joy 
I delete old history 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Coming

There's a collection of sunshine 
Under grey clouds 
Simple storms bring progress 

Around the bend 
There's a star waiting to impress you 
With your one last wish 
Before your last breath when your about to quit 

An all the while when memories flood your veins and over whelm your heart 
And nothing feels the same ... 

Remember the finger prints you left 
On yesterday 
Could bring back those hands 
On your face 
Of the clock you watch -day to day 

Friday, June 20, 2014



Hollow out frame 
Making my way 
Raised eye brow 
Dialated pupil 
Empty mirror 


Broken h2o
Exhausted pillow 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I never knew it until it stared me in the face 
I couldn't even imagine it 
Write about it 
I laughed at it 
Mocked it 
Guarded it 
Spit on it 

A life time of wars conquered 
Vows made 
Lectures won . 

Until one day 
A girl was faced 
Eye to eye with a boy 
She was able to see into 
Every corner of his soul 

With out hesitation 
She reached for him . 
With out thinking 
With out looking back 

And he saw her too 
And reached back . 

And he left her 

Believing .

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Passing words carry keys 
To lanterns hanging on trees 
Lighting dark nights 
Illuminating whispers 
Inches apart over vast seas 

Stretching apart a good bye 
Proves he's not a coward 
Making  her love grow stronger 

A telephone made of silence 
Begs him to be hers 
He says I can't 


I crawl in the depths of enemies 
Grasping at my strength 
Clutching at my light 

I'm screaming 
I want to hide 
I'm at the finish line

Broken bones
I stand 
They reach for the power in me 
For everything 
They are lacking 

I look down 
And smile 
I know the price 
To be found - wanting

Monday, June 16, 2014

Close your eyes

I sit at a kings table 
I walk the distance dressed in scars 

Buried in risk 
Cloaked in mistakes 

I'm looking back 
Running forward as fast as I can 
I can't forget 

All the while my world seems to be falling apart 
And coming together 
I know how to do that to well 
Until you walked into my world 

I was guarded 
Only one song played 
The universe held my hands together 
Eyes shut 
Hearts played 

You kneeled beside my bed 
Gave me shelter 
I fell in your safety net 

Heros come at night 
Leave in the dawn 
Wear masks 
And capes 
Make you believe in fairy tales 

Hold my hand tight 
Left at first sign of light 

What I would give 
For one more 

I sit at a kings table 
Writing about a girl and her very first love 
And how she wishes this fairy tale was real 

If only she had one more night 
Kneel beside her bed 
Tell her it will be all right 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Endless love

My first love 
Was everything all at once

The kind you never fall back from 
You never try to 
Never want to 

A love so big 
So strong 
It never dies 
It never fades 
It never loses it's electricity 
The kind of love you fight for 
The kind of boy you fight for 


Pace concrete 
Black streams private 
In dark places 

The secret tide 
I write chapters 
About the thief in the night 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Once taken

Plagued with a new beginning 
Losing my heart 
Leaving it behind 
In the palm of your hand 

Know that you forever own it 
To never be given 
Anyone again 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paper Cuts

I search through a crowded room 
A hundred faces empty 
I hear your voice 
You show me the door 

I crawl through a broken window frame 
I know you are waving good bye 
I want to scream no 

There is no choice 
I know 

I fought 
With all I had 

I walk backwards 
Through the crowd 
No one knows my name 

I watch you 
Drive away 

I think is there anything I can say 
To change your mind 

To make you stay ? 

I toss a penny in the wind 
I'm left here standing in the middle of the road with nothing left to bet 

If you can feel with me gone 
Then it's not worth me crying 
Is it 

The room is empty 
But I'll find my way 
Just not right now 

Monday, June 9, 2014


I see the boy collecting fingerprints from a girl 
As they kiss over the warm pavement 
I see the newspaper black and cold pressed spreading disease 

I grab my coffee and watch the clouds warm the shadows over the mountain 
The music drifts into the back of some memory of you 
As I drive 

And it's all I think of 
As I put the song 
On repeat 

Friday, June 6, 2014


I'm playing poker 
Misplaced the ace 
Royal flush 

I could say how I lost my words 
They sit here bare boned 
Left to dry 

Hide my eyes 
I could say fuck you for your letter 
You felt you had to write 
No meaning in your good bye 

Transparent in my chair 
Left unhanded and cuffed to the unseen 

Do you remember 


I believe 

There are lines I can't write 
That I know belong in you 

So fuck all this bull shit 

I throw the deck 
I search for you 
And missing 
I find you here in me 

Slowly disappearing 

I'm waiting for the real answer 
In all these pages 
Yet nothing is coming to me 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brass knuckles

I'm white knuckling on the edge 
Of an atmosphere 
Time races by 
I hardly notice 
I swallow my tears in a room 

Full of Jekyll and hydes 

No thought here 
Blinking and talking 
In pattern like hand stitched 
To hell and fire 

I wake up with you 
I sleep with you 
I fight not to fall from this mountain 
I see what lies ahead 
I keep going -to live 
But I feel nothing with out you 

I turn pages and pages 
And write word after word 
I can't escape 
Searching for freedom 
At the same time 
I don't 

With everything I have 
At the edge of this mountain 
Hanging by a thread 

An atmosphere trying to breathe 
With you 
Gone . 

Watching for the wish 
Of falling stars . 
That you will find this hand reaching 
As I sit on the ledge 
Find me here 
Save me 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Metallic and unlisted I go on 
Under highway broken 
Cracked and unregistered 
You won't find me 
Amongst the heavens 
They try to catch me 
I'm a hundred leagues under the sea 
Where I started 

Under the smile of my friend the Cheshire Cat 
Madness fills my eyes 
Bad decisions fill the  emptiness of last night 
Washing yesterday's love off my heart 

It isn't working 
I'm strong 
Strong enough 
To lose 

When your not looking back 
At my notebook 
And this is my pen 
Writing you out 
As you wrote me out 

Wish it was that easy 
When you have no heart 
No heart 
They call it a disease 
I knew it well 
Until you walked into my world 
But I am strong enough 
I'm telling you 
I'm telling me 
I'm strong