Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paper Cuts

I search through a crowded room 
A hundred faces empty 
I hear your voice 
You show me the door 

I crawl through a broken window frame 
I know you are waving good bye 
I want to scream no 

There is no choice 
I know 

I fought 
With all I had 

I walk backwards 
Through the crowd 
No one knows my name 

I watch you 
Drive away 

I think is there anything I can say 
To change your mind 

To make you stay ? 

I toss a penny in the wind 
I'm left here standing in the middle of the road with nothing left to bet 

If you can feel with me gone 
Then it's not worth me crying 
Is it 

The room is empty 
But I'll find my way 
Just not right now