Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's The Wall

Fall from heaven 
Ashes turn to wings 
Bridges burning in back grounds 
Just to realize pictures never meant a thing 
One brush with the best intentions 
Left me breathing 
As the door closes 
I open the window 
Climbing head first into the sunrise 

From the best night of my life 
I can't apologize he said 
I raise my hands 

I wake up to another tomorrow 
Tell me the secret as I fly 
Will you fall with me 
As ashes turn to wings 
One more memory painted in graffiti 
Burning buildings 

The news comes 
Love is like a bag of marbles 
Falling fast 
Tell me 
If you close the door 
I'll open the windows 
Head first to the sun rise 

Monday, April 25, 2016


I collect your pictures 
As they fall to the floor 
Like black eyes drawn to sky 
Wondering about the last night 

There's a huge answer 
With question 
How do I go on - 

There's a building 
Tearing it down 
There's a light 
In the tunnel I chase you in 
Shadows left behind 
Sit with me in the moment 
Meet me here in the memory 
When everything was perfect 
No care - 

Now there's no answer 
Tell me how 
With the whisper of good byes 
Left on parchment paper 
Hoping this pen will run out 

But love it never dies 
It lives on 
Ever searching for your light 
Finding shadows instead 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Impossibility the moon whispers 
For even the star can't live away from 
Her sun 

Impossible the way 
She runs . 
I press up against a glass wall 
If I could scream aloud 
Fogg up your sky 
Re trace your memory 
To my kiss 
I would try harder not to ever lose you - 
Bubble gum kiss on your lips 
How does it 

A boat float 
With out her ocean 
And I guess she just will 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Post War

Collect the stars in rusted necklace 
That's alright 
Carry you around my neck 
That's alright 
Dust the memory off broken dreams 
That's alright 
Find you in the eyes of songs 
That's alright 
Wait for you to come home 
That's alright 
Try to forget you 
That's alright 
Remembering  you 
That's alright too 

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Years erode into paths 
A wrinkled soul hides well to beautiful smile 
Shake my hand years of scars 
Hidden wisdom 
Leaning on bookshelves in the dark 

Travel in silence 
Hear the crowds 
Love absent 
Full of faith 

Miles part 
The only difference now 
Is the ones who chose to hold my hands 
Follow through or fall away - 

There for the memory 
To take my breath away 
Lean on my library 
Open my page 

Courage and faith 

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Stained memory 
Filtered high , breathing you in
Holding it in tight 
Black widow flight 
Dangling for the devil 
Grinning from my chin 

Tell me why your hell feels like heaven 
I have this glass of whiskey 
You say I'm not fine wine 
Your right - 

I'll tell you darling 
If you come closer 
You will find 
I'm the poison in your veins 
Runs long past tonight 
A heroin you can't fight 

So I whisper in your ear 
When your alone at night 

Saturday, April 9, 2016


There's the great unknown 
I hold the finish line 
The race we run unjust I know 

Tell me what it takes to bring you home 
Miles of broken road 
Bending dreams conform 
And I am ready to give up 
To give in 

I look in the window
See your reflection 
I tell myself one more day 
I tell myself no more 
Then I'm reminded 
Your my guardian angel 

And I know this road you travel 
I don't know the words to write 
To bring you back 
But I tell myself to give up 
As I sit in the window and stare 

Just one more day 
One more day 
She says 

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Pray for tomorrow but for today , all I want is to be home . Stand in the mirror you look the same just looking for shelter cold and the pain someone to cover safe from the rain , all I want is to be home . 
- foo fighters 

Fear of my heart absence of faith . 
Empty glass 
Eyes full of grace 
I can't change tonight 
But I can promise you will be safe 

There's an open road 
Bent miles of pain 
Stolen from the wreckage 
I know loss I know gains 

Let me fill your glass 
I'll be your whisky tonight 
Best intention you've had all your life 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rabbit Holes

Lipstick stained pillows 
Hold steady conversations 
Between broken walls and rusted hearts 
No resolution 
Searching dark iris 
In comfortable position 
I get lost in you 
But only for a moment 

If I stay to long 
I fear I won't escape the beauty 
And the beast of you 

So I'll sleep in your shadow tonight 
And rest in your tomorrow 

Lipstick smeared kiss 
Cotton panties 
Spilled on the floor 
Hand cuff caress
For another 
To rest 
In you