Friday, May 30, 2014


Her beauty in spades 
A princess hiding in a train 
Heading south 
So many tears she hides 
Behind framed glasses 
And lost secrets

The sky has a canvas I paint her 
With my eyes 

If I hope hard enough 
Can you feel her heart pounding ?
In your chest ? 

She returns home 
Pondering the next station 
I can't sit still 
I'll lose direction 
All these hallways lead 

I escape on this train 
As I write 
I listen to tori play her song 
I go about my day 
With demons and dragons 
Playing some silly symphony about 
Never being loved as a child 

They will walk my way 
But I don't see them 
They are the shadow 
I am the light 

No one can see a shadow any way