Tuesday, June 24, 2014

50 years

I feel you watching me 
As I lay here I feel safe still in your arms 
This is the silent war I'm waging 
You put the same uniform on 
And fight on too 

I can't help but wait 
But it won't be forever ...

There's something about the day 
And stale conversation that makes me 
Know exactly what it was all for 

I try to explain it 
When they don't understand it 
I know 
It's right 

I travel in crowds 
With out you I'm alone 
I lost my best friend 

If I wrote a love poem 
It would be about losing that 
My soul is the needle to your 
Unstitched thread 

If you never come back 
I'll manage 
But not whole as I once stood

you carry the best parts of me 
Where ever you are 
Where Ever you stand 

I was lucky just to know you 
Just to sit with you 

And you can read years and years back of everything I ever wrote 
That I never felt like this 

So you know it's real 
This might not be the most beautiful letter 
But it's the most true 
And it will be in 50 years .