Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Skeleton orchestra

This worlds nothing more than a magic show , though tragic at times and encased in woe , it all works out , of this truth I know . - Zack Hemsey

A calloused drum set in scars 
Amid the winter under your chest 
So close to the fingers that search 
In her sunlight . 

He drops his head . 

There's a war , she marches 
Nothing gained in the winning . 

He walks out to the ocean 
Hoping to drowned 
But he stopped breathing long ago 

We're alive in an arrow 
Walking aimless 
Guided by the pain 

It's cold in here . 
As I pass through you . 
My heart stops in the hall way . 

No oxygen 
I try to let the light in 
The side walk leads to you 
Also leads to me 
Grab my hand 

A calloused drum set in scars 
Under perfect chest 
So close to fingers grabbing under 

Close to my ears 

Wanting you to come home

Monday, August 21, 2017

Check Please

There's always that point right in life when things are so bad and the decline makes everything dark and foggy . It's that unexpected moment when everything in you that fights for love , for life and it has no return that you just check out . Have you ever been there ? In life where you lose everything ?
There isn't anyone there when it happens . It's like suicide , you are alone and you just check out .

They say karma comes back to us . I don't believe that , evil people have it all and the loving people can also have nothing . I always made goals and beat them . My trainers and bosses call me a fighter .

I do my best to live with integrity and to love others . Here I am checking out . This is my moment .
In life there is only so much pain one person can take and enough loss that they can't take it anymore

It's the time when you see no one , it's the time when all you live on is strength because all your glory is gone .

I've never been in such a low place but in this place I see God clear , now I just need him to save me
From this very dark place . Where only he can reach me .

Friday, August 18, 2017


What good is it to have a voice when he doesn't hear you
Or care
Time to use your voice
Some place else

Where your appreciated and never mistreated . Life is to short to settle .

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Living life in subtitles black and white
Flipping through pages of these bed sheets
Wondering about time .
Regrets are like un painted fences
Waiting on the wrong houses to become right

I sit on the porches - alone watching the sun rise

It's like an un written book
As you steal my pages and autograph your name so it's not forgotten .

So now I'm flipping magazines .
I'm homeless in this street

I hear our song playing on the radio today
Means something different when you couldn't find those words to say .

As he turned his back on me
He says do you love me ?

Subtitles become something
I just don't want to read .

I'm walking home tonight .

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Broken Bottles

Sometimes the people who are supposed to love us the most treat us with the most disregard
And all that's promised is brushed under a rug and forgotten
Sometimes we put everything into something and we become a door mat
And the one we trusted the most turns there back on us .

Sometimes we learn the hard way that we wernt loved we were lied to
And everything we have meant nothing
And nothing was seen because they can't see past themselves

Maybe we knew it all along but we didn't listen to ourselves
We thought love could save someone or change someone

But the love has to come from within them selves .

So they throw you away like yesterday's trash .

Learning another lesson . But just remember when someone wants you to be there  doormat . Just say nah

- Amy