Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Alice pick your part

I keep waiting....

If I could I would get an old GTO

re write every promise in smoke

Watch them fall like ashes one by one...

Scarlett letters bleed into empty promises

The Ace pretends to be a King

I fold........

One hand

I threw the dice

You left the table

The labyrinth we mold out of cards

Gambling dreams

Speaking truth as it leaves your mouth it burns....

How do we believe

When you raped me of everything I knew

I am the devil you never want to face eye to eye

I am the angel who protects under perfect wings

I am the soldier who won a thousand wars

Alice speaks

snow falls

She is laughing

She is swallowed alive

I write a script

I know every word by heart

Ill sing you to sleep

And poison your heart at the same time

An abortion of hope

Cut the heart into pieces

Love rots

My veins run cold

I ask Jesus for advice

He says..

Darling don't believe the lies

My world becomes small

when I thought we were big

I dance at this funeral

You say it's how it was supposed to be

Never felt that way .....when you were holding me.

Trade a secret with me

Ask your heart to be free

I read the Braille on the walls of your trench coat

that used to protect me

Whats it like to have a voice?

I am a Scarlett letter

I am the seine

in your shallow sea.

Never had a chance

Who can contain me?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket voice charms the mind
As I sit and stare at the ceiling tonight.

There is no going back this time.
Blame sits on your shelf
In a pornographic world full of hate
It's all a mistake
I was just the cloud of smoke you created

I lay here with a million winning tickets
and you have a million losing ends.

A spine cringes as you enter the room
you have your illusions
I have these gates.

So I toss my cigar in the ocean
Pull the anchor
It's the last you will see of this Commander any way.