Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kalidescope Letter

I see you from the corner of my eye 
I'm displaced in this shadow 
I'm choking on reason 
Living on memory 

Tell me 
Marry me 
Marry me 

As broken fingers get ready for the fall 

Tell me 
Stay with me 
Stay with me 

I don't regret this at all 
I can fight in these songs 

My insides 
Where you live 
You are my blood 
Coursing through this heart 

There is nothing 
To bring you back 

I stand here in the rain 
Singing you songs 

It's cold 
I miss your warm 

It's the death of me 
And I'm ok 

Tell me 
Speak to me 
Speak to me 

I hear you from a thousand miles 
I write in the sand 
Falling from hour glass 
Every moment alone 

There not you 
Thank you 

Broken fingers holding on 

Tell me 
You loved me 
You loved me 

I'm in the rain 
No regret 

Friday, July 29, 2016


There was a moment 
Swallowed in blankets 
Fighting an ocean of tears 
Listening to your words 
Slowly drowning me 

It was that night 
I fell apart 
When I needed you to be the one to fall 

Hand me a cigar 
I'll quietly miss you 
As I drive alone in my car 

If I could push rewind 
Could I change that night 
Maybe you just needed convincing 
I'm not hard to love 

Left with candles and stale cake 
What do I do with this 
I knew you were mine from beginning to end 

I'm no beggar 
When I write these letters 
I wanted you to stay 
Because you wanted too 

But I never fall 
But I did that night 
As you slammed the door 

Now I'm left 
Full of reminders 
Of what I'm looking for 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Can you be the shelter 
In my storms - 
Calmly sitting patiently 

I ask you 
Does the crow keep you warm 
Night shifts into a melody 
You hummm secretly 

And I begin to fade into the darkness 
How do I keep your light 

She wondered 

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Clean my eyes 
Coveting the picture frame 
Empty glass 

Burning in my fingers 
Bruising my neck 

I lost sleep 
A vacuum of what I used to be 
Confined in this place 

I feel you waking 
Lost and sleeping 

Invisible i am 
Stitched in time 
Metal lense blinds you 

I am black leather handcuffs 
Batting eye lash in temporary libraries 

Filed and put away 

Feel me in the morning 
Under blankets wet 

Picture frames broken 
You wouldn't ever know 
She's a mess 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Blue Prints

Frames sit steady on the shore 
Empty spaces fill today 
Architect hands placed firmly 
Your eyes 

Reaching deep inside 
Held with so many regrets 
Pacing fast 
With one last breath 
Catch me if you can 

House sits 
Blue print hands 

I have the paper 
I have the pen 

Let me burn old pages 
Bonnie and Clyde she said 

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Come tell me how it goes 
The way stories never seem to end 
The way we write them in our heads 

They told me something different 
As a little girl 
I wore a white dress 
Did what I was told 

There's a hundred monsters 
I'm left lacking 
A hundred broken 

Am I breaking 
Or are you out spoken 
A cowards tale is un forgiven 

Like the monsters 
Hiding under my bed 
Below all the victories 
I stand with pride 

So tell me why 
I'm braver than the hero who saved me 

I sit here asking why 
Wondering what you ask yourself 
At night 

Friday, July 8, 2016


The record shatters against 
All I have faith in 
I don't believe she lies 

I toss medal jacks like marbles 
There's clouds dressing the sky 
Like an open wound 
Counting time 

What can I do . 

I'll run 
To re write but never be undone 
Like needle and the thread 
I won . In the moment 
I found my army 
When you held me 
The day I was a warrior 
Even when I transpired your ghost 

As I let go 
Faith prays 
For you to find me 
Counting clouds one by one