Thursday, June 30, 2016


I was born the day you recognized me 
I woke in the glory 
Of the day 
When letters opened , finally read 
The sigh of relief finally met 
If I could say it any better 

Standing in arms 
From across the room 
From across the world 

It's where the cloud met the sky 
Never knew how things felt when they became right 

Like how that line went in the movie 
The last one in this song 

Tell me - 
As you walk in the woods alone 
Am I there folded and hiding there 
Somewhere in the crease of your 


In the letters finally read the day 
That day 

I hear the music still in every quiet room 
I feel your heart beating left in the quiet 
Of my ear 

I'm asking you 
To come home 

Because when your across the room 
Across the world 
Your near me 

Friday, June 24, 2016


There's a listen in your ear 
And an arrow in your blood 
I gut the belly of your compass 
I search hard 

I breathe every step 
I turn away and find 

Tell me as my movie reels 
Into focus new memory 
Keeps rewinding your iris so clearly 
A vision I see perfectly 
Gleaming into my intention 
Like brandy 
Drunk on your love 

I can't forget you 
I can't erase you 

Like your last letter 
Typed so perfect 

I climb every ladder 
That will take me farther 
But it just leads me closer 

How tell me 
How do you separate 

I am not a hopeless romantic 
I am not a writer 
I am not a martyr 
I am just here 
Trying not to remember 

The hero 
Who saved me 

So tell me 
How do you walk now 
With my arrow 
Coursing through your perfect heart 
As a reminder 
That I'm here waiting 

Trying to save myself 

Monday, June 20, 2016


Condolences sent to you 
To the faces that have turned there backs 
I walk the miles plenty 
For David fought Goliath 
And won 

I walk with my head high 
The rest left in picture frames black 
And white 

If you don't believe me 
It's not my job to do all the convincing 

My job isn't to empower the weak 
Moths love the light 
But yet darkness can't live in a lit room 
So please there is no offense 
In your walking away 
From me - 

My audience is the strength 
Of kings 

The hall ways haunt me of lost love
Waiting to come back 
Like Braille and lanterns 
Walking fingers and half hearts 
Wishing memories home 

And for those that we walk hand in hand
They are my home  

Monday, June 6, 2016


Grazing fingers on pages
Ends of letters that walk along 
Memories following like shadows 
And your remains like ashes 
Pushed into lockets 
Half for you 
Half for me 
I can write a chorus 
About how I hear you whispering still 
Some where in the city lights 

It makes for perfect conversation 
When I'm alone in my bed 

What happens when the chorus ends 
They say love last a life time 

I tried to catch you before the coming train 
I caught your eye as you drifted away 

Pages become history books 
Words become love letters 
And train stations become home