Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Post War

I flip through songs like a deck of cards
Trying to find something to write
I lie here now on my bedroom floor
Eyes piercing the ceiling

There's no use
I can't retrieve you
I can't forget you either

Every song hides your smile
Every conversation sheds your light
I look back to see if your their and

Friday, March 27, 2015


There's no rainbow here
Under falling rain I bow
Finger tips running under
Demi gods

I can't quite reach you -
Thunder claims shaken lips
Nothing to say
Wars lost and wage -
One stands in the middle

I try to brave a smile
As the black crow circles her body
Waiting for the kill

Windshield holds no notes
She drives home alone
Chasing after butter flies
Love is fleeting under empty skie
An orphan .

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I hit my veins again
Knowing tomorrow I'll wake up with the same head aches
It's a redeeming addiction
One to kill me
No fancy words to jot down
Just a thousand miles of secrets
And the way you looked at me

Your the heart shaped locket
Thrown in a lingerie drawer
Picture cut
Hoping you hold the other half
Of the I love

I try I promise I tried
You told me to forget you

But you are
My I love you

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The End

The drive is dark
Haunted by old ghost and eyes looking back

its midnight
The head lights guide my way home
I'm lost in your eyes
Pounding the back of my memory
Driving - my heart

There's nothing I can do about good byes
I sing out of tune to the radio
And love you every day all over again -

Thursday, March 12, 2015


A pool of manequine stitched words slowly 
Into an empty void 
You speak but I can't even get in 
How could you 

Tragic death 
Hung by a noose 
Can't figure it 
Love slits my wrist 
Blood beneath my veins 
It's dark 
Can you save me 

Monday, March 9, 2015


Complicate the masses
Point the finger my way
No roses in my garden
Failures tend to their wounds
I pick up the bandages

No one picking me - up
There's a trail of tears stitched to your fairy tales
Burned with the bridge we built

Tell me
The story again
I've got a brass knuckle heart
Please try your best to come right in
The music plays
Do you even know my name
Look up above
My iris hasn't changed

There's Peter
There's Paul

Wars wage on
My souls bare
As I lie here
In my pretty dress

I dare you
To remember
To move me
To break me



Congratulations on the third step
Walking on water is never easy
As I'm tied to this bed called destiny
A ship on fire floating in a deserted sea

As you build your empire
Seems to be the audience I'm dancing for
I'm choking with no land and no sight to your ocean

I'm not drowning

Congratulations my friend
As everything is empty
I'm screaming
No one is listening
Who's the captain she says
Who's the brave one

3 steps walking on water
To drowning