Friday, August 18, 2017


What good is it to have a voice when he doesn't hear you
Or care
Time to use your voice
Some place else

Where your appreciated and never mistreated . Life is to short to settle .

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Living life in subtitles black and white
Flipping through pages of these bed sheets
Wondering about time .
Regrets are like un painted fences
Waiting on the wrong houses to become right

I sit on the porches - alone watching the sun rise

It's like an un written book
As you steal my pages and autograph your name so it's not forgotten .

So now I'm flipping magazines .
I'm homeless in this street

I hear our song playing on the radio today
Means something different when you couldn't find those words to say .

As he turned his back on me
He says do you love me ?

Subtitles become something
I just don't want to read .

I'm walking home tonight .

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Broken Bottles

Sometimes the people who are supposed to love us the most treat us with the most disregard
And all that's promised is brushed under a rug and forgotten
Sometimes we put everything into something and we become a door mat
And the one we trusted the most turns there back on us .

Sometimes we learn the hard way that we wernt loved we were lied to
And everything we have meant nothing
And nothing was seen because they can't see past themselves

Maybe we knew it all along but we didn't listen to ourselves
We thought love could save someone or change someone

But the love has to come from within them selves .

So they throw you away like yesterday's trash .

Learning another lesson . But just remember when someone wants you to be there  doormat . Just say nah

- Amy

Friday, July 28, 2017


I knew it from the beginning 
From across the room 
I held steady 

You held the door for me 
Told me you were bad for me .... 

Beginnings don't turn into endings 
Not like this 
I can't believe in open doors closing 
As we stood in the cracks 
I love you ...... 

I feel you across the room 
Even when you are not here 

Disbelief drowns my tears 
Maybe I'll stay in this locket 
Forever - 


The crows fly over to pick up what's left of the wounded 

All these letters remain unfinished . 
Maybe I'm the only one broken in this 

Yet I remain here 
In the cracks of the door way 
Listening to wind funnel through 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I am aching inside silk panties
wet in your bedroom hidden in pictures
Kiss me in the morning , Let me run away in you .

Your smile creases my heart
as you rest on my lips
I am lost in you .

Between the words that get lost
under cotton and innocence
you kiss me.

Tomorrow I'll be a memory on your fingers
touching me

I'll make you believe  you're the King
Of hearts.

Breathe in me new life
handcuff me to your eyes.
Chasing you in the dark

Make me blind
Finding places in me
I never knew survived

I am the candle in your hallway
I want to find your secrets
tucked away in the dark.

Im aching for you
As you bury deep inside of me

Under my bones

Kiss me in the morning
I want to run away in you

Friday, July 21, 2017

Shoe Strings

Indecision is decision she said. Muted heart burnt sand.
Help me to find my voice again, I'm standing in the hall
record plays our song. I have no idea what to say,
except that you helped me find my voice again.

Ripped from windows
like a violin on a rainy day
Feel you under this skin

The ocean giving obituaries
Finding peace in your hands

Did you understand
As I etch our names in this old tree
kissing me on the cheek.

I just want to believe
that you don't want to leave

So here is my love letter to you
This time
there is no ends.

Friday, June 9, 2017


What would I have to do
For you to see me
If I stood in front of the sun ?

If you pulled out from in front of your mirror
Burned some old pages In your library
That collect dust
Collect sadness and stories of anger

I'm not the librarian
With wire rimmed lense
Filing away this -

And all of this
Drowns me

I'm no victim
You have to meet me on the shore
But darling you ain't walking on water

So let's start this again
These books are over due -

I'm not a librarian
I'm a lover
I'm a fighter

What does it take for you to see me
I'm not you
I'm not her
I'm not yesterday

I don't know what love is

Could you
Write me the story

Give an orphan a home

Cuz you ain't
Walking on water

I'm here on the shore
With our fire

Do you love her ?

As she stands in front of the sun
Screaming your name