Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Love Letters

Delicate glass finds its self under the feet 
Of my eyes , I can't see my reflection 
With out you in the horizon . 
I can't write words with out my hero as the subject or look to the sky with out the star - 

And I drive watching the moon 
Wondering if your ever looking back at me 
As the drive feels more and more alone 

It really doesn't matter if I say good bye 
Your written in every line of my life 
Under shattered leaves of fall
The loss and win to lyrics of these songs 

The only problem is 
I can't bring you home . 
Why can't my love be enough 
I'm just a silly girl
White cotton panties 
Warm sun 
My heart beats big for you 

Not the biggest band aid could do 
I just always knew 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Moments sit on finger tips 
Dancing on ideas that seem to fade 
In and out like you 
The frequency resonates 
The band plays - 

I fall asleep to the tune 
I write my own story 
I'm my own orchestrator 

I fall into your sea 
Lost and forgotten 

The Stars won't leave me 
The band plays louder 
Then fades into the distance 

What can I do 
What can I do now 

These moments sit on my fingertips 
Waiting for home 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Here I am at the door 
No ones there 
I'm scattered left remaining 

Tasseled hair 
Maybe it's meant to be 
Left alone 
Hand grasping air 

Butterfly bandaid 
Hiding yesterday 

No one looking back at her 
There's a time and a place 
But the clock never seems to be pointing 
In her direction 

What does it take 
To start over 
Do you see me 

Like holes 
In black sky's 
Feel me breathe in you tonight 

Here I am at the door
No ones there 
I'm scattered left remaining 

Monday, August 29, 2016


Take me home to my heart . 

Sifted through ashes 
Conquering the wars 
Slaughtered lambs there's something to say for the living 

Something to remember for the lost 
I have a voice 
Lost under glass 
Concrete walls 

Free me from this 
I'm the wolf 
Pacing at the door 

Covered in the lambs tragedy 
So here you have the storm 
I have everything there is to be told 
I'm not an underestimation 

I'm the lullabie
To unanswered prayers 
So listen close 

There's something to be said for the living 

I been sifted through the ashes 
Found wanting 
Made into new beginnings 
Take heart I say 
As the clouds gather 
We will not fall 
I promise you 
We will not fall 

Sunday, August 28, 2016


If I sent you one last letter 
I would tell you I'm letting you go 
Your the ace missing from my deck 
The best whisky on the shelf 
But I can't hold on to love 
That doesn't love me back 

And I can tell you 
It would be worth waiting forever 
As you live in these over due pages 
With no return answers 

Friday, August 19, 2016


Alice commits suicide 
Can't shake the shadow 
She runs one way 
Hearts another 

Kings sit pretty with crowns 
They watch her fall 
It only matters if she's on her knees 
As she band aids the loss of being incomplete 

There's an ace missing from my deck 
There's a storm over head 

Nothing can stop her 
From un becoming what they want her to be 

She looks past the shadow 
Like Peter Pan 
A fairy tale can't save her 

I sit here between words and periods 
In this world alone 
Says , Alice 

Searching through every window 

Sunday, August 14, 2016


It's this place
He says . 

Take my hand 
She says . 

Across the wall 
Built against oceans 

I make this boat 
Patch work left wounded 

Stitches and sails unfolded 

It's dark here 
The storm comes from her eyes 
She becomes a light house 

He said I see you 
She said 
Come . 

Lights faltering 
In and out through the haze 

I can be your sun rise 
But as I sit the sun only sets