Friday, August 19, 2016


Alice commits suicide 
Can't shake the shadow 
She runs one way 
Hearts another 

Kings sit pretty with crowns 
They watch her fall 
It only matters if she's on her knees 
As she band aids the loss of being incomplete 

There's an ace missing from my deck 
There's a storm over head 

Nothing can stop her 
From un becoming what they want her to be 

She looks past the shadow 
Like Peter Pan 
A fairy tale can't save her 

I sit here between words and periods 
In this world alone 
Says , Alice 

Searching through every window 

Sunday, August 14, 2016


It's this place
He says . 

Take my hand 
She says . 

Across the wall 
Built against oceans 

I make this boat 
Patch work left wounded 

Stitches and sails unfolded 

It's dark here 
The storm comes from her eyes 
She becomes a light house 

He said I see you 
She said 
Come . 

Lights faltering 
In and out through the haze 

I can be your sun rise 
But as I sit the sun only sets 

Thursday, August 11, 2016


A letter where words break apart 
The last letter I will

About how it changed my life 
Something I have to let go 
And can't say good bye 

If I sailed the world to find the darkest ocean 
It could never hear the torture 
Of losing what could never be 
Found again 

I listen in the darkness 

How do I say goodbye 
In this letter I write 

But I can't keep fighting either 

I'm a ghost
Your the sailor 

I see the pictures 
And I'm not your home 

I can't forget 
I can't remember 

Can't say good bye 
Can't say hello either 

So here's your stamp 
I'm home 
I'm not your home 

Writing to say 
I can't let go 

But I have to say good bye 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I'm standing in the rain 
I'm not the midnight train 
Waiting at the station 
Coming and going 


Do you see me here 
Wait with me 
Traveling alone 

Never asking me where I'm going 
My suit case full 

Am I not the beauty 
As you cast your stone 

My heart beating on broken tracks 
And gone 

A leather cliche 
I'm more than fascinated 

But you can't read this can you 
Or your suitcase would be ready 

I'm more than this 
I'm a kiss 

Not just good bye 

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Fall

I feel the leaves of you 
Wrestling under my skin 
It's always fall , in this place 

I sit in the warmth 
Watch trees changing shape 

I can't walk to winter 
Leaving you behind 

I hesitate in every moment 
Trying to find 

A smile in the silence 
Bringing you here 

I'm stepping on keys 
Black and white 
Can you still hear 

The scream of breaking me open 
The smell of home on your fingers 

I lie here now 
Leaves blowing in the wind 
Midnight of winter moving in 

I stay here quiet and alone 
Hoping you will meet me here 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kalidescope Letter

I see you from the corner of my eye 
I'm displaced in this shadow 
I'm choking on reason 
Living on memory 

Tell me 
Marry me 
Marry me 

As broken fingers get ready for the fall 

Tell me 
Stay with me 
Stay with me 

I don't regret this at all 
I can fight in these songs 

My insides 
Where you live 
You are my blood 
Coursing through this heart 

There is nothing 
To bring you back 

I stand here in the rain 
Singing you songs 

It's cold 
I miss your warm 

It's the death of me 
And I'm ok 

Tell me 
Speak to me 
Speak to me 

I hear you from a thousand miles 
I write in the sand 
Falling from hour glass 
Every moment alone 

There not you 
Thank you 

Broken fingers holding on 

Tell me 
You loved me 
You loved me 

I'm in the rain 
No regret 

Friday, July 29, 2016


There was a moment 
Swallowed in blankets 
Fighting an ocean of tears 
Listening to your words 
Slowly drowning me 

It was that night 
I fell apart 
When I needed you to be the one to fall 

Hand me a cigar 
I'll quietly miss you 
As I drive alone in my car 

If I could push rewind 
Could I change that night 
Maybe you just needed convincing 
I'm not hard to love 

Left with candles and stale cake 
What do I do with this 
I knew you were mine from beginning to end 

I'm no beggar 
When I write these letters 
I wanted you to stay 
Because you wanted too 

But I never fall 
But I did that night 
As you slammed the door 

Now I'm left 
Full of reminders 
Of what I'm looking for