Thursday, January 30, 2014

Canary Yellow

canary yellow sun
Seen in dismal spots through skeleton walls
Sleeping outside in the  winter
Some how I lost the promise
that lives inside your warmth

Bridges carry me to smiles
crossing straight lines through a void and empty room
Nothing sinking in
Nothing giving in.

Pull me to the inside
Where I can show
the depth of the rainbow hiddin beneath your shadow

Canary yellow sun
shining on dry canvas
As you walk away

The cell is cold.
Carving out the bones.

Sleeping outside in the winter
Some how I lost the promise
that lives in your warmth .

my hands are tied
bleeding glass broken heart

I wanted to see it all.
Come crashing down.

Nothin is sinking in
Nothin giving in.

I'm losing my smile.
As I watch you walk away


Monday, January 27, 2014


I go through pages of lovers

I am left with the quotations and deleted line .

I erase moments that belong in needle

          thread bear with eyes watching misunderstood

You never read the story line
Under white linen dress innocence lies

I am butterfly
I am justice seeking the fight

The heroine of love long died

I'm bound in train tracks
Roped mistakes
Tamed by the light

Always missing the train
Loving the moment of life

I'm a message in a bottle
Out to sea
I'm a wall broken for you to see 

I'm the voice on the stage at night

To never be subtracted
Or defined

A definition in the key of the piano plays
Depending on the day

You can see me there on that page