Thursday, December 30, 2010


Curl up in wonderland with metallic machine guns
Walls painted white, just the way you like them
So we come in for the landing, to see what you see
Tornado spread thin.

So the violin plays from famed lips
Black butterfly window panes
 It’s your house ,
Your taxi.

A world of heaven - your world of nightmares,
I sent you a thousand messages -but they only touch your shores

We can only get so far…

So I’m sailing- heaven can’t live in hell
Funny thing, she says…

Never was a fire.

Some have a mirage broken and bound to their eyes.

So please darlin’

If you make it
The beach is littered by candy heart verse

But we can’t save you

The seas are calm now
Behind me lies the storm

Monday, December 6, 2010

When The Honey Is Gone

There’s a guateen in my pocket
Holding up the storm
There’s gumption in my throat
Makes me say uh mmm….

I tremble in his presence footsteps loud and clear
Tell me Mr. Sandman,
 never thought I would have the strength to leave you…

With a bullet in my brain
Salvation in my brow
Freedom from this prison

You laugh-
I bow.

Puffy lipped girl, lesson learned time and again
New York tells me I’m special
But I needed to believe ...

But I read it from newsstands.

As I wipe those tears with smudged hands
So I turn to my boy ,
 With another broken promise and a pen.
To tell him the devil won again.

I hand him a heart in a locket
Please tell him it’s not his fault
Please tell him I am sorry

So everything runs thin
The piano stops playing
What do you tell the boy who loses dreams….

Because of the monster under the bed.