Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hold the cuffs 
Puff out the secrets 
Fuck all that red lipstick 
You say your not the one 
I say I am the sun 
I'm everyone's 
The narcissist cup 
Drink me up 

Who can contain me 
In your room 
In your bed 
Tell me your story 
Can you read mine 
Braille at the end of a journey 

I may be your biggest mistake 

Saturday, November 28, 2015


There's a stethoscope love 
Bound by the train 
I'm roaming on the tracks 
I hear your heart beating 

I'm pacing 
The clock turns half past morning 
And the sunrise reminds me 

As they sit quietly on the outside breathing 
Come in 
Come inside 

The station is busy 
The train passes by 
No one notices 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Crack

The pendulum ticks into memories 
Cutting them into flecks 
Spread across a dusty picture frame 
Nothing left 
Empty glass 

I'm aware of circumstances 
I dance alone with consequence 
Certainly I have conversations with notions

I grasp at the final words 
I scream at the ending 
I can't run any more 
I'm lost inside 
I'm found inside you 

Take me apart 
I died in your arms 

I walked into the gas station tonight 
Eyes black streaming 
They don't see the pain 
Of dying 

When you left 
I'm lost inside 
You see 
I'm found inside you -

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Echoes sit boldly in picture frames 
I drive along way from home 
The noise is deafening 
I can see my guardian angel watching me 

Empty chest 
Breathing in and out carefully 
Screaming somewhere in a cold snow 
Miles and miles away - 
How do I go - tell me - how do I go 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Devils And Demi - gods

There's a common fire 
Approaching the midnight ocean 
I see you in the horizon 
It's one more victory 
Before we turn in - 

I can't stand anymore she said 
I can't love he said 
An' we met under the blanket of dawn 

Holding our guns 
With all our strength drawn 
Devil and his Demi - god 

With one last breath 
Against a hundred wars they won 
Bet against us to the last penny lost 

There's a common fire 
Approaching the midnight 
I see you there 
In the horizon 
It's one more victory 
Before we turn in -