Thursday, December 30, 2010


Curl up in wonderland with metallic machine guns
Walls painted white, just the way you like them
So we come in for the landing, to see what you see
Tornado spread thin.

So the violin plays from famed lips
Black butterfly window panes
 It’s your house ,
Your taxi.

A world of heaven - your world of nightmares,
I sent you a thousand messages -but they only touch your shores

We can only get so far…

So I’m sailing- heaven can’t live in hell
Funny thing, she says…

Never was a fire.

Some have a mirage broken and bound to their eyes.

So please darlin’

If you make it
The beach is littered by candy heart verse

But we can’t save you

The seas are calm now
Behind me lies the storm

Monday, December 6, 2010

When The Honey Is Gone

There’s a guateen in my pocket
Holding up the storm
There’s gumption in my throat
Makes me say uh mmm….

I tremble in his presence footsteps loud and clear
Tell me Mr. Sandman,
 never thought I would have the strength to leave you…

With a bullet in my brain
Salvation in my brow
Freedom from this prison

You laugh-
I bow.

Puffy lipped girl, lesson learned time and again
New York tells me I’m special
But I needed to believe ...

But I read it from newsstands.

As I wipe those tears with smudged hands
So I turn to my boy ,
 With another broken promise and a pen.
To tell him the devil won again.

I hand him a heart in a locket
Please tell him it’s not his fault
Please tell him I am sorry

So everything runs thin
The piano stops playing
What do you tell the boy who loses dreams….

Because of the monster under the bed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Shot - Rain Coat

There’s a famous jacket who toured the world with buttons

What were those buttons?

Brass with those clasps

Hanging on your words in the morning light

Under your shadow

I try to remove with a new dawn
As it gets erased with your sunset eyes
Tell me as I remember you
With your raincoat
I fancy you in my glasses and lip gloss

As it pours down heaven

So maybe if time didn’t have a name
And a stamp
I could wear this dress a little longer

Instead I am here
With tasseled reminders
Of overdue library books
And unrequited looks

An Iris dilated in reform
In search for her soul

But we all know…
This letter will always be lost in the mail…

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Page 2010-One Shot

There’s a cigar in my pocket
Conversation in my coffee
A riddle in your mouth
Not sure what it meant.

There is a sun in my sky
And a cloud in my eye
I walk in the slowing of time
Capturing memory
With one step forward

Half steps back.

A smile rots in your pocket
Holding onto it
As tight as you can
Saying goodbye and hello in sentences
I can’t seem to catch.

I sing along to your song
I see it all in the rearview mirror
And foreseeing

God offers me a light

The Devil pulls my tail

With laughter I fall to my knees
If he only knew

He was the sun in my sky

One step forward
Half back
With a cloud
And A sigh….

Monday, November 15, 2010

Where The Ocean Ends

We have to be big girls
In capes
So please
 close your eyes
 don’t ever leave me…

As I lay here and tell you my secrets
Maybe he will fall asleep
Maybe he won’t
He won’t here us dreaming
If were quiet 
Maybe our dreams well make him sweet
But right now we have to pretend
As I hold you close to me
Where pink Lens draws tears
Diluted with ABC”s
Be my confidante

Well be spy’s
I am Alice,
“Nice to meet you”

Don’t worry wer'e safe here
Commander sets sail once again
“We have to be quiet”
She says,

Hide our capes
Your safe with me

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Space between veins and thread
Black ocean
we pool around your feet
Rage sits
As we grant you a smile
One dress

With memory

You never knew

Never knew I was there

As the crows circle for the feast
I am aware.

The needle in one dilated tear.
Empty atmosphere draws a blank stare

From across the room
I am an army fighting for four
Becomes two.

Water runs red.



Stepping on stones
In a crowded room

Can you see my fingers?
raw to the bone

My lips open
Words torn

Can you feel the secret on your neck?

You look out
We are alone

Rage sits
We grant you a smile

One white dress
One memory

Monday, November 8, 2010

For One Shot -Excused

I shutter in leather eyes lashes

Cuff me to black veins

Fool me into your prison

Cut me in your dungeon

I am the spy

Love me

In heart shaped locket

Keep me in your magazine article

Between news lines and spread

I am muted space

Between cherry red lipstick stains

Drawn in stitched panties

Made of lace.

Reach for me

Beyond wire rimmed lens

Dense imperfection

Music and conversation fades

I am beyond the crowds

In Contempt

Handcuffed to buttons

The way my smile creases your heart.

As I fade back into the distance

You smell me on your fingers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Confessions Of An Old Sailor

She sits on the bow
Contemplating her treason
Gun held close to her brow
Sweat shop surrogate love
How will we make it through this storm
Compass points somewhere past North
Captain I’m losing you

I know what I wrote
Oh my this sailor might
She just might...........

Hand me my cigar
Where’s Jesus when I need him most

The tide is red and the baron takes flight
I’m grounded
Oh star commander
Russian Roulette was always my favorite game

This time his hand has the trigger finger
I’m on my knees
What a storm
Oh boy
Your quiet today
A thousand miles behind us
Contemplating treason
I hope I don’t regret this........

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finding Alice

I am the prisoner sleeping in the belly of your soul
Lost in the ocean of one Iris
Dialated and unsure of the coming storms

Call me Shameful as I laugh
In your noose

I don't mind the intrusion
How metal rusts roses
How you tend to ignore these conversations.

I wear my umbrella even when it's dry outside.
Only you understand why.

Can you get me back to Alice?
Where everything is clear.

Where door knobs lead you into directions

Im falling down the hole
And Im waiting
To see Beyond the bottom

Between Me and The Devil

I wish I could have my seat at the bar

share my last drink with the devil

tell him how his words come out so much better than mine.

Alice and the rabbit, I will tell him

that’s all we ever are

reaching for stars

coloring them in with paper clips

and cutting them with scissors

slipping them under pillows

letting tears fill our lessons

kissing them good night

sleep tight

in patchwork pajamas

where it began

once upon a time…..

If I could….

begin in the web he spun me in

the one I can’t break through

Coffee runs through the well

pennies run through the holes in my pockets as we say our goodbyes

And you write…

Iris mixers, H20 eyes.

empty and full of life all at the same time

I love you.

I love the letter, torn and scarlett red

marked in the mail addressed now to someone else

Your name is etched in stone

I tried to erase it with my pencil

He saw it in broken eyelashes

worn hugs

with rings around tired hearts

I ask you to let go

you ask me to come closer.

Tell me Mr. Devil

What do you presume?

You say I turn my own grave

web spinning


Iris …. H20 under a million miles of mask.

If you could, read between the lines,

the devil can.

Coffee and trains,

Devils and stars,

wishing wells and scars.

Scarlett letters and mail.

....Alice.... says kings can wear hats,

Crowns suffer wars.

Armor breaks,

Symphonies trail behind us

in patch work pajamas.

Pardon Me Sir... Conversatating With The Devil.

Pardon me,

Old man

May I share this bench,I dare you to look me in the eye

To look at my Jesus.

Can I talk with you?

For a moment

Bet you couldn't take my hand

You been here all along-

To rape me when I was a child

Alone in my bed.

You were there to tell me lies,

I believed them.

Pardon me Sir,

You stole my family

You crippled my body

You tried to kill me twice.

Your face is old

Your profile strong

You were once beautiful

You had to have it all.

I wanted to tell you

As we sit here now,

Sharing this bench

Like old friends,

When you wanted it all

You were cast from heaven

But you can't have God's promise

You can't have me

As we sit here now

You won't look into my eyes

Because you will see my Jesus

I am here to tell you now

Old man

We sit in a War

In the end

We know who wins.

Pardon Me Sir.

Monday, September 13, 2010

War Commander

Static builds and I tend to this war ship
I roll my cigar Talk with the captain and she wags her tail
Pick up the radio
Are you there - listening
the storm gathers

He says your beautiful
I’m holding on
I’m the only passenger
He says in Morris code
I raise my hands Its just you and me
Ms. Captain commander
We sail these seas together

The message is clear
the wind is cold
I smile against the arms of tomorrow

I hear it in the voice of reason
And I might not be a writer
But I am the best fighter
I watch the smoke clear the air

I break the sail
Man the tide
I cant turn back
Its now or never darling

Morris code Captain
War ship is beginning to falter
Ignore the signs!

Its now or never!
I laugh
Captain wags her tail
A smile breaks my back
As we move into first place
As we watched them walk away….

I might not be the best writer
But I am the best fighter
Static fades
Message is loud and clear
The fog lifts
Its now or never!