Tuesday, January 26, 2016


View from the roof top of your iris
Seems clouded .....
I sit and conversate with your demons
They can't hear me right .

I'm screaming at the gate .
I watch you holding hands
With a ghost

I hold hands with the past

I carry this letter
I can't find the author
Signed by you

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Panic Room

Funny how a familiar smile becomes forgotten
And a laugh that once saved you
Is lost like a stranger -
On a crowded street in New York -

I fancy the way blankets and fingers crossed us
On Mondays

Or the way the city lights hummed as we drove
On Tuesdays

It's Friday now - and we can't spell our names
I love you / written on a steamed bathroom mirror

Lost when you opened the door to say good bye

It's not supposed to end that way ,

It's not supposed to begin that way either

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Collateral she says 
Button missing 
Fix me please ? 
I'm not the one she says ..... 

He pleads his case - 
I shake my head 

I'm left here alone 
With graffiti on my walls 
Doesn't quite keep her warm 

Phone is ringing 
"What's the harm , "he says 

"Of course ," he says 

As she waits alone - 

The thing is 
He won't even read this letter 
He's not even brave enough to save me 
Not even brave enough to save himself 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I'm not sure why 
She said 
The phone went dead and suddenly 
So suddenly the connection was lost - 

I went over the story 
About the boy 

Doesn't matter does it ? 
How many times we cry ? 

I watch the airplanes fall from the sky 
I hold his picture every night 
But darling 
No ones left holding 
On the phone 

Gambling your last penny 
Drinking your last shot at the bar 
Betting your last smile 
Of this memory 

I'm telling you don't look back 
The cost is left in the wonder 
Your value a broken mirror 

Paid in full with his debts 

So let me tell you about a boy 
The phone went dead suddenly 
So suddenly 

Sunday, January 3, 2016


If It was about the value of this penny 
All the change in your pocket wouldn't do

It's not about me , it was always about what they saw in you - 

I walked around with out a mirror for so long , passing strangers , face planted in the ground 
Back faced into the crowd 


But it was you 
The one you couldn't face 
All along - 

It was your weight I carried 
On the shelf 

I toss the penny in the well 
Staring eye to eye now in the crowd 

Sometimes me 
Sometimes them 

A pocket of change 
Your regret 

Friday, January 1, 2016


There's a candle
Half lit 
Ashes breaking in winters Sky 

I put my puffy red lips together 
Blow you a kiss - 
I'm rummaging through band aids 
And blankets - 
How does she hold you 
How does she mend you 
It's all the same dear ...... 

Come sit with me 
Snow flakes falling 
Not one ever the same 

I'll take you for a ride tonight 
Make you believe everything's all right 
To bring you back to life again - 

The wax has become cold 
I search for you under the snow 
I wish I could 
I wish I could 

Change nightmares to dreams