Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Rag doll sits in cinderella glass slipper
Reading the newspaper
ink jet print social communist

unraveling my day like cancer
Theres a drug in my vein
Im reading suicide letters in the obituaries wondering..

Is mine next.

Im pressed up against the glass wall.
On display. A humuliation. A gutter .
Used in black garter. gold kneck tie, spent .

All Alone. Cliche ,

I am reaching.. Screams echo, but nothing.
Walls come crashing down,
Cinderella you were never perfect.

Cinderella it's midnight and no one came
to save you.

Theres no one at your grave tonight.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Rust compiles into pages
Empty glasses write when I no longer can.

Alice grows.
Can no longer chase the rabbit, nor feel the cold wind blow.

Crawling fingerprints break , glass scrapes
I have made it around the bend.

A new story , I have found beyond the stack of cards
The cat sits in his tree .
His grin abounding

They thought I would drowned.
Upside down hallways
Braille letters left in stone.

Wax museums of hearts
Where mine has not been left.

The clock spins forward and back.. forward and back...

Shake hands with the devil, Thanks him for the glass of wine
and say good night.

I escape this time...

The coffin is open, The treasures are far beneath the ocean
The war commander sets sail....

Jesus in one hand , her cigar in the other....


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soldiers Will

the hour glass
Pounding white lines into tears
As he screams .. I whisper ...

God help me...

There's a soldier.

Lost inside me.

Buried under someones memories

I pull over

Black streams to puddles
beauty fades to your fingers

thrown in an ocean
One man's loss
One man's treasure

Blood was spilled for me..
He whispers back...

Half cocked smile
I get back in the car
He says nothing can take my place.

I whisper,
I feel you.

The phone rings...

My stomach


Live by clarity.

He screams he never loved me...

God are you there?

He answers..

I love you....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Crowd

Conquest makes a fisted presence
through broken bone.
I have all these promises
I fight them alone.

funny red lips
empty mirror
closed buttons.

A thousand prayers.

A voice in a thunder storm
where you swear no one knows your name.

And she is standing
against the train.
starving for the chance to start over again.

The beggar asks for her change
but what he does not realize
is that she is more the beggar than he.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Scars

There's a door
stained hinge
Pulling me close
How do I close this open window
to every finger print
that brought me too
this quicksand?
I pray in my car ,
no one sees me cry.
As I leave his straight jacket voice
does he hear my prayers.
I look in the mirror ,
I'm not where I once was.
I'm stronger
I'm weaker
Covered in strength and fear.
I fall asleep alone with my lullaby smiling back at me
Generations of mistakes
This door handle full of blood..
A wounded warrior who wouldn't quit.
But there is no one on the other side fighting to grab my finger tips...
She is screaming in the car..
The music plays loud..
How do I make scars laughter again?
How do I make the demons run away?
I pray for my Angels to protect them as they sleep the night away...
I slam the door..
I know God is here..
The radio says.. The lion roars...
Just tryin to erase the tears...
Rusted hinge..Is any one listening?
Do they understand?