Monday, November 18, 2013


Rose petals worn by perils of thorns

in leather bounding love

in prisons of lost languages and sentences


never coming and never amounting

to one result


If you could look me in the eye

feel my iris ignite

past the beauty of the deception of your lies

the ones the monsters have told you

the one beauty that  lies in front of you


She is screaming

but you can not hear her


she knows your name

she is bleeding for you

cut by your walls


She sleeps outside

No lullaby's


I am inside you looking out

I am your fingers reaching in


Waking up the lion

sleeping amongst the  pain.


Never grasping together to feel we are one result .................

Saturday, August 24, 2013




I am the refuge

Feel me

Heroine in your veins pulsing

Quick fantasy poker

Left for Jokers

Call Me Queen


Time evaporates like spoiled milk

Expiration date has been met


Let me explain

How you can’t escape

I am the god

Come out and play.


Tell me darling

Your wrist slit

Veins spilled


You can’t run from me

I know every lie

The devil tells me


Thought you were friends

Satan tries to taunt me


Shackled and bonded to hate

Abusing me

I'm coming



You can’t break free

I warned you


Sunday, August 18, 2013


Found some new material
Layin around in my pocket
Behind some lip gloss
Where my life is packed in that 10x7

you  smack me and smile

No lookin back-

I hide the tears behind yesterdays sunglasses….

It’s me and you kid
Alone again.

This pop star beauty

And no one’s looking back at me
Except this one page mirror glass
Broken in the back seat
As we drive in this get away car you wave good bye to me.

Have you got a clue?
I manage a smile
As I walk room to room
Of a broken home
I once new
I escape from the nursery we called our home

I fall to the floor
Where every tear echo’s
I gather myself together
And I leave the keys.


Packed my bags for the holiday
The winter is freezing my judgment
and the rain plays classical on purgatory standard

I breathe one more time
puffy red lips stained with yesterdays bad coffee
Adding some sugar
baking cakes...

The holocaust is over
I say its just the beginning of a rainy-day

I fold and meet her smile half way
a rainbow hiding in a black storm
simple and timeless

I'm traveling by train
no one will find me this time
I'm on my way

The crystal ball was clear
The ocean is empty
a result of laughter missing

Tell me
what does adding and subtracting equal out to be

Ill take my blanket this time
warm weather never fancied me anyway.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I found you today
The hiding spectacle of broken glass
a shrouded rainbow gone black
save me grace take my hand instead
the page is long gone and im dead
the challenge is- they left me with the pistol
and - bought bullets instead
go ahead turn the other way!
they said I enjoyed it any way
Its crack cocaine
its crack cocaine
they said I was on drugs
I wasn't

I was on rape
But he saved me
and then

they took him away
There is no damage in shame
just shame in your blame
with your dressed up picture frames
I ran for help
I ran for help
there was only one to save me
and you took him away 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ex- traction

dilated heart tracking the congestion of time
lonely coffee bars can hear the music playing
haunting from the other side

lipstick stains napkins
softening the torture of good byes

the devil watches in compassion
I suffer ye the lies .

a crowd of inventors watch me from heavens sky
They wonder if we can give it one last try.

The phone in my pocket erasing memories as you type.

Dilated infraction , puzzling time.
funerals are promised
eyelash falls as I cry

Black and white balloons shell the future
as they sit in red attire.

I the canvas for the weak and blind
torn pages of open paint
with no picture and with out design.

 The lion hunts me
tells me to rest

but I cant tonight.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Theres a progression of angles and evil thundering in ashes above
The sun cant rise on carousel spinning in black and white Holocaust
the world is breaking iris closed tight
tears scream over the muted piano playing
I can't find the ocean to get me out of here
My ship is cast a shore
I am wilted with no rose
Tell me your secret
I have unveiled the curtain
Its my wonderland
no one else gets in
I sit in this symphony a perfect tragedy
I write
as the war wages on
I see you here
In color
Hearts winning
Devils falling
Fighting to set sail once again

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hide and Seek

Alice finds me in the window (pain)
"The crowd is about to speak," she says
"You talk funny" , I say
"no one understands but you," she says...

The devil has a way of grinning that seems so beautiful.
draws you in and spits you out in the gutter

Your dress is like sea foam clouds
funny how you always find the rabbit hole just in time

as we say amen.

will it be alright.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Your coal burning contrite in my lint pocket
There is something about a cloudy day
missing your sunny perfection
There's a state of assurance as the crowd closes in
The rickety trambone of the homeless man asks me for  change
I am reminded that you are their, waiting
I am here on this street freezing under this cover of winter

Waiting to be saved.
Clever magazine adds don't tell me a thing at midnight

as I change my jeans I am alone instead

 and the jazz music never changes
So I wait for the dawn, Ever coming
Ever promising.
But the message is blank and you left a scar on my leg.