Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Alice takes a swallow 
Finds herself smaller 
Reflection hauntingly shattered 
Racing to find the peices that make her 

Door handles rusted 
Leading to the hallways 
Where letters read on walls 
Are the arrows of perfection 
In reflections of those hand held 
Compilations she needs so badly 

Now the locks are locked so tightly 
The cat sits smiling 
Of all the love he never quite had 

But I know who has the key 
I'm not the one for reckoning 
I'm also not crazy 
My head is on tightly 
As I swallow it all one more time 
I had it all since the beginning 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Un - certain

Lost diaries hold secrets 
Of letters that will not return to her sender the way they were sent 
Like the way you entered the room 
The way we went 
Swept away like rain in the winter 
Thoughtless mindless 
Torn away 
Like an envelope lost from her stamp 
I have no home no address 

Left the last look 
Of the first love with no hello 
No good bye 

Tell me 
How to live 
Lost . 


I cross the ocean 
As I lie here staring at the ceiling 
My prison , a funeral holds my hand 
I can't shake her 
She sings me to sleep 
She whispers good morning 

I look past her to find your smile 
I throw on my head phones 
Streaming songs of conversations 
Run muted and shattered like this note 
Words sent under untouched lips 

I wait . 
I feel you listening . 
As I lay here 
I know you hear me . 

Friday, May 8, 2015


On the contrary I speak in eternity 
Will you be with me 
Somewhere holding my hand 
Can you chase your fears away 
For a moment 
To hold my hands 

I'm standing now right at the beginning 
Where the world is mocking me 
I wrinkle my nose at there suggestions
That I may not be something made 
Of ashes and queens 

I wait for you ....

To come running 
To catch my smile 
To hold it safely 
Big brown eyes alone 
In the dawn 
Will you be 
My destiny