Monday, June 16, 2014

Close your eyes

I sit at a kings table 
I walk the distance dressed in scars 

Buried in risk 
Cloaked in mistakes 

I'm looking back 
Running forward as fast as I can 
I can't forget 

All the while my world seems to be falling apart 
And coming together 
I know how to do that to well 
Until you walked into my world 

I was guarded 
Only one song played 
The universe held my hands together 
Eyes shut 
Hearts played 

You kneeled beside my bed 
Gave me shelter 
I fell in your safety net 

Heros come at night 
Leave in the dawn 
Wear masks 
And capes 
Make you believe in fairy tales 

Hold my hand tight 
Left at first sign of light 

What I would give 
For one more 

I sit at a kings table 
Writing about a girl and her very first love 
And how she wishes this fairy tale was real 

If only she had one more night 
Kneel beside her bed 
Tell her it will be all right