Friday, May 9, 2014

Ash and Ember -Written By Michael Fink

Ash and Ember

May 8, 2014 at 4:30pm
Gravitating to a bed unmade
By my very existence, to a second state
Of consciousness, a life of unearned penance
Of undeserved resentment, but I'll turn that hatred
To ashes, burn what remains of my regrets
And live amongst the embers
Who rise against the stars that birthed them
Claim the wind that carries them
As a lover, who brings them full circle
With a touch of her lips
Til even death looks on with envy
And pities the cold in his own hands
I live, against all odds and
Despite the consequence
I give openly of my breath, I'll lead you to the end
With a smile on your lips
Where a quiet soul keeps the body whole
I'll have you screaming out each sentence
Begging to be taken apart again
Til you can see your heart again
Beating fiercely in my hands
Let's dance, I've brought the apocalypse just for this
And you to witness
You to give in
To every moment spent
In this bed, to leave unsaid
All but passion, whose echoes will be heard
Across oceans, among the hopeless
And the already dead
A lover to bring the world through
To morning, only to hear you whisper
Under your breath
I am waiting out these hours
Til night dares come

-Michael Fink

I feel like Michael poetry lately is is stating my own personal life just written differently Michael ?????