Friday, May 9, 2014

Not A Win or A gain - D&D

The devil is hunting me
Phantom of the opera watching me
In the darkness alone and understated

I sit in the audience
No one watching .

But you.

Will you re write this story
A beautiful chapter written so eloquently
of the tide that is rising?

I am drowning and out to sea

You see ?
The nail in the coffin fallen and I am about to be free

So tell me your story
The devil with angel wings
Play your song for me.
I know your listening

Dance with me.
I need the answers of all I cannot solve
Of the alleys I am homeless in
Of these lines Im lost in
Of a love I found
That will not take my hand

I am here alone

Tell me
How to win

The Devil in the Darkness
How do Angels Win.