Thursday, May 1, 2014


I find the shooting star slipping like loose sand between finger prints
smudged on a lost heart that no longer belongs to me.

I see the evidence of you in everything I'm erasing
My drive is slow today
Music streams down my face

I change the station
and manage to find you more not less.

They say strength comes from death.
But you brought me back to life again.

So tell me how do I re write a story I never wrote
or re wrote before.

If I was to send this letter
I am afraid it would be left un answered

I am left here affected
and none the less
with out regret

You can have the stamp
and envelope
of a letter

a love finally found

at the cost
of being un buried
and if you can hear me
screaming from six feet underneath

The sail folds and she breaths
open your palm
do you see?

behind your eyes
she bleeds
behind your heart
she beats

You know they say
Strength comes from death
but you,
brought me back to life again.