Saturday, May 17, 2014


Bruises line heart and beats
Like music that silently plays 
Because you are no longer listening 

I hate the cloudy days 
Nothing is the same 
The winter wears her coat 
As a spirit dies the night cries 
There's no mistake where I hide 

I am less a man with out her reason 
I am less the man with out her purpose 
Anchor cast ashore 

Tears make the tides 
As I watch you in the distance fade 
I lie and say I'm alright 

She walks the beach 
No hope no regret 
I would give anything 
To look into your eyes again 
I'm in a shallow grave 
You haunt every move I make 

And I

Can. No longer fight 
If you could only hear me tonight 

You changed my life 
If I could fight I would until I die 

Just to look into those eyes 

But you walked out of my life
I'm alone with the tide