Sunday, July 27, 2014

The I Can

There's a stack of books
Empty pages 
I read line for line 
Empty . 

It tells me everything . 
Run far , as far as you can tell 
I write the story behind your eyes 
As you stare from across the room 
I grab at everything in between 
In desperation 

I throw your library in a fire 
A concentration camp of anger 

Let me re write your story . 
As you kiss me 

This trail of gasoline 
It's everything 
To be afraid 
Of what they always said you couldn't be 

Let me show you the way 
I'll come a thousand miles 
As you stare from across the room 
With all the regrets and I'm sorry's 

Let's make it more 
Re write the story 
You were always meant to be