Saturday, July 12, 2014


There's a fabric between finger prints 
In the dark they lie quiet on your skin 
Scarlet letter drawn in black pen . 

There's a ghost 
Your shadow 
Keeps her alive when your gone . 

Pushing a smile above the surface 
Capturing her grace 

I'm fixated on this canvas 
He is the picture I can't finish . 

I've got every paint . 

There's something to a forest 
You get lost in 
I fall asleep in

It's midnight 

If I could feel it 
If I could hold it 
If I could paint my finger prints 
Down your spine 

Asleep in the fog 
Trying to finish what I started 
The date is going to expire 
As she's left on the shelf 

So I write this letter to myself 
Empty pen 

To hold 
Him again