Sunday, July 6, 2014


Tides wash away pictures 
Painted on iris lense 
Distorting my sight , causing bruises 
The lining of my conciseness breaking the frame 

Words congest the mouth 
Not even hearing what is said 

I'm clouded in places where time is standing still . 

And I can't escape it 
I can't lose it 

I write every moment left on this letter 

Grasping at what's left 
Like sand in an hour glass 
Moving quickly yet 
Never fading 

It's under these lines 
Where you live 

I lay in my bed 
Distorted dreams 
I find your smile in 

It's midnight 
I can't sleep 
The band plays a symphony 

I'm writing these letters to you 
There's something to a theif 

Who holds my voice 
I am silent 

And she writes 

I can't hear a word they say 
I'm frozen in time 
Where you are still alive 
Under these lines 
You live 

Listening : nine inch nails ghost 1 -1