Monday, July 28, 2014

Negative space

I entered into a vast dream 
To try to escape the reality of losing you 
And there you sat on my couch 
I held you again under covers 
And I laughed with you.
I was there connected through time
And space , holding hands 
Vapors of smoke a marage
Of everything I couldn't understand 
Doors I couldn't open 
Words I didn't have to say 
A clock that's fingers never pointed
I sat there in the room when you weren't looking 
I watched you 
In the midst of the crowd 
I took you in
I swallowed you whole 
For all that my dream let me 
Then you got up 
I ran searching 
I searched 
Tears ran down my face 
I found you 
You hugged me so tight 
Said , you made a mistake letting me go 
Then I a woke 
Found my self alone ......