Thursday, July 3, 2014

Enemy Ground

The wicked hold there place 
I try my response in laughter 
You build kingdoms that fall 

I'm left standing 
I leave a message for the blind 
With a voice that binds 
Old pages and empty lines 

You wouldn't even hear her cries 
For it's the cry of the evil 
I bear 
And mend 

Anger meets me at the door 
I know these transgressions well 
Just because I know 
Dosent mean I'm the mat on your floor 

They say , " she's a stupid girl " 
I say , they seen nothin yet . 
Mock me. ? 
It's your trial and your jury 
Hanging your head on a rope 

Who will you call ? 

I leave now 
Mask off 
Door open 
Leave behind the guile 

I am an angel 
Amongst the hell and fire 
No matter how hard they try 
They can't beat me 

There anger my strength 
There hate my motivation 
I'm walking , with my smile on .