Monday, September 13, 2010

War Commander

Static builds and I tend to this war ship
I roll my cigar Talk with the captain and she wags her tail
Pick up the radio
Are you there - listening
the storm gathers

He says your beautiful
I’m holding on
I’m the only passenger
He says in Morris code
I raise my hands Its just you and me
Ms. Captain commander
We sail these seas together

The message is clear
the wind is cold
I smile against the arms of tomorrow

I hear it in the voice of reason
And I might not be a writer
But I am the best fighter
I watch the smoke clear the air

I break the sail
Man the tide
I cant turn back
Its now or never darling

Morris code Captain
War ship is beginning to falter
Ignore the signs!

Its now or never!
I laugh
Captain wags her tail
A smile breaks my back
As we move into first place
As we watched them walk away….

I might not be the best writer
But I am the best fighter
Static fades
Message is loud and clear
The fog lifts
Its now or never!