Monday, December 6, 2010

When The Honey Is Gone

There’s a guateen in my pocket
Holding up the storm
There’s gumption in my throat
Makes me say uh mmm….

I tremble in his presence footsteps loud and clear
Tell me Mr. Sandman,
 never thought I would have the strength to leave you…

With a bullet in my brain
Salvation in my brow
Freedom from this prison

You laugh-
I bow.

Puffy lipped girl, lesson learned time and again
New York tells me I’m special
But I needed to believe ...

But I read it from newsstands.

As I wipe those tears with smudged hands
So I turn to my boy ,
 With another broken promise and a pen.
To tell him the devil won again.

I hand him a heart in a locket
Please tell him it’s not his fault
Please tell him I am sorry

So everything runs thin
The piano stops playing
What do you tell the boy who loses dreams….

Because of the monster under the bed.