Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pardon Me Sir... Conversatating With The Devil.

Pardon me,

Old man

May I share this bench,I dare you to look me in the eye

To look at my Jesus.

Can I talk with you?

For a moment

Bet you couldn't take my hand

You been here all along-

To rape me when I was a child

Alone in my bed.

You were there to tell me lies,

I believed them.

Pardon me Sir,

You stole my family

You crippled my body

You tried to kill me twice.

Your face is old

Your profile strong

You were once beautiful

You had to have it all.

I wanted to tell you

As we sit here now,

Sharing this bench

Like old friends,

When you wanted it all

You were cast from heaven

But you can't have God's promise

You can't have me

As we sit here now

You won't look into my eyes

Because you will see my Jesus

I am here to tell you now

Old man

We sit in a War

In the end

We know who wins.

Pardon Me Sir.