Thursday, September 16, 2010

Between Me and The Devil

I wish I could have my seat at the bar

share my last drink with the devil

tell him how his words come out so much better than mine.

Alice and the rabbit, I will tell him

that’s all we ever are

reaching for stars

coloring them in with paper clips

and cutting them with scissors

slipping them under pillows

letting tears fill our lessons

kissing them good night

sleep tight

in patchwork pajamas

where it began

once upon a time…..

If I could….

begin in the web he spun me in

the one I can’t break through

Coffee runs through the well

pennies run through the holes in my pockets as we say our goodbyes

And you write…

Iris mixers, H20 eyes.

empty and full of life all at the same time

I love you.

I love the letter, torn and scarlett red

marked in the mail addressed now to someone else

Your name is etched in stone

I tried to erase it with my pencil

He saw it in broken eyelashes

worn hugs

with rings around tired hearts

I ask you to let go

you ask me to come closer.

Tell me Mr. Devil

What do you presume?

You say I turn my own grave

web spinning


Iris …. H20 under a million miles of mask.

If you could, read between the lines,

the devil can.

Coffee and trains,

Devils and stars,

wishing wells and scars.

Scarlett letters and mail.

....Alice.... says kings can wear hats,

Crowns suffer wars.

Armor breaks,

Symphonies trail behind us

in patch work pajamas.