Monday, June 20, 2016


Condolences sent to you 
To the faces that have turned there backs 
I walk the miles plenty 
For David fought Goliath 
And won 

I walk with my head high 
The rest left in picture frames black 
And white 

If you don't believe me 
It's not my job to do all the convincing 

My job isn't to empower the weak 
Moths love the light 
But yet darkness can't live in a lit room 
So please there is no offense 
In your walking away 
From me - 

My audience is the strength 
Of kings 

The hall ways haunt me of lost love
Waiting to come back 
Like Braille and lanterns 
Walking fingers and half hearts 
Wishing memories home 

And for those that we walk hand in hand
They are my home